WorldVentures scam vs MyEcon Review – Is it a Scam

If you haven’t heard of MyEcon or Worldventures well you are in the right place because I’m going to tell you the truth about both businesses. Here is a quick rundown of the Worldventures scam.

MyEcon & WorldVentures Key Differences

  • MyEcon – Low cost of entry ($35)
  • WorldVentures – High Cost of Entry ($249)
  • MyEcon – Valuable product (Credit Repair Program)
  • WorldVentures – Luxury Product (Vacation Club)
  • MyEcon – 200+ Million Americans needs our product (Credit Repair)
  • WorldVentures – Less than 50k Americans go on vacation a year
  • MyEcon – The average person makes an ROI in the first week
  • WorldVentures – The average person struggles to make an ROI
  • MyEcon – Easy to get your family and friends involved cause its affordable
  • WorldVentures – Hard to get your family involved cause its very expensive

The Breakdown

They tell you that you will be able to travel the world while making thousands of dollars every month.

New destinations and pockets full of money. Although the business layout when they explain it seems nearly impossible to reach that point.

If you look at the “dreamtrips” that they offer, they don’t include the flight, which can be devastating depending on your destination.

Many times it ends up being cheaper to just look around for different deals and flights on your own rather than their expensive “dreamtrips”.

What’s the point of paying a company a monthly fee to make vacation destinations when you can do that for free on numerous websites.

There is a great difficulty when trying to sell this product to others.

There simply is just not enough value.

Research has found that 80% of people that join this business opportunity are unable to get any commision.

The average compensation that a representative receives is only $190. According to their own income disclosure, over 90% of people are losing money with just the costs of being a representative.

Not to mention that there are already 226,000 active representatives.

That is completely saturated. Only one percent have made over $8,000.

MyEcon is a much better business to join.

Check out our myEcon Review

It only costs $35 dollars a month and allows people to fix their credit, tax advice, health & wellness products, roadside assistance and more.

It’s much easier to get someone to get their credit fixed for $35 dollars a month than to spend $300 a month to book vacations that are cheaper if you go through almost anyone else.

MyEcon just recently started to get buzz in the last 4 months and is nowhere near being saturated.

Having good timing is very important and the fact that this business will be trending soon now is the time to join and make massive amounts of money from helping people fix their credit, in a way they can afford.

People are finding out about this new business opportunity and jumping aboard fast!

The fact is, it is a low-risk business opportunity and is simple to manage. You can promote the credit repair services which alone can make a massive income for you.

Most credit repair agents charge at least $99 dollars a month. Then if you decide to use the referral program and get more people to join the business opportunity, you will start to make real passive income.

It is much easier to sell a product that people need rather than want.

Many people need their credit fixed.

It is much easier to sell a product that cost ten times less and has much more value.

I think there is really no comparing the two.

Worldventures is expensive and their own report showed that no one is making money from it but the top one percent, not to mention it is highly oversaturated with over 226,000 active reps over a year ago! MyEcon is just now getting hype, it’s affordable, and has more value.

Sorry to say it but WorldVentures is a scam

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