Top 10 Pet Supplies You Must Get For Black Friday


If pets had a chance to be humans for a day, I wonder how they would spend money, especially if their owners were not very conscious of their needs. If they could talk, I wonder what they would say to their owners. Pets are living things, have the ability to feel and have needs like a human being, but more often than not, their needs seem to be ignored because they cannot express them in the way that most humans would understand.
Pets’ inability to speak seems like a barrier between their needs and their owners. This is because not all pet owners are trained to understand their pets, while some also do not have the time to pay close attention to those needs. For majority of pet owners, they seem to be the perfect companions, while for the pets, reverse might be the case. I mean; how do you call someone who cannot provide your needs a companion?
I think if pets were a day humans, cats would take their feisty little behinds to the mall and shop all day for all the things it has been craving for. What I am trying to say in essence is this: Pets have needs and that is why there are pet doctors as well as pet supplies.
Pet supplies refer to those items which are used to satisfy the needs of pets. Like humans, pets have their own products which are peculiar to them alone. Humans cannot use what pets need and vice versa. The basic truth is not known by all pet owners. There are only a few among pet owners who know the right pet supplies to get for their pets.
It keeps surprising me every time I see a dog owner complain about how skinny and dirty his dog looks when he is feeding him leftovers from his own kitchen. How does he expect the dog to look healthy? Every pet has its own supply and supplies cannot be shared between a bird and a cat. If all pet owners understood this, there probably won’t be a need for pets to become humans.
In this article, we are going to give a list of top ten pet supplies which seem to be very essential and are selling out really fast in e-commerce.
Top Ten Pet Supplies
Pet Food
In e-commerce, the best-selling pet product is the food which they eat. Well, this shouldn’t come off as a surprise, pets have got to eat too you know?
Pet food, like human food, has different varieties. The same way we have organic foods for keeping fit for humans, same way we have such foods for pets. The kind of food a pet eats depends on its owner’s purse, taste and the owner’s sensitivity to the pet’s taste.
According to Nielsen reports, the sales of dog food online increased to 92.2% last year, while cat food sales increased to 63.2%. Most of these pets food are usually bought via e-commerce. Just as humans need to survive, pets also need to live well too. In a bid to survive, they need food. Food seems to be the pet supply which is needed in high demand.
Pet Grooming Kit
To groom one’s body involves daily washing, shaving, creaming, scrubbing and a host of other healthy things which are necessary for a healthy living.
Pets also need to be groomed to avoid foul smell, sickness and untimely death. They have grooming kits especially gloves which pet owners use to make washing of pets a more convenient task to do.
Pet glove is a bestselling product on Amazon. It is mostly loved by dog and cat owners. The only sad thing is that majority of pet owners do not even know that pet gloves exist.
Dog Collars
This is another common pet supply which has attracted the attention of dog lovers especially in the UK, Canada and US.
Just like in the world of fashion, there are varieties of dog collar styles to choose from. This would be good news for fashionable dog lovers.
While you are having brunch, your pet should definitely not be staring into space, should it? For most pet owners, cats and dogs treats are a regular must have at home.
They are usually bought on impulse like human candies at the stores. The prices of these treats are very affordable as well.
Pet Anxiety
Some pets also have anxiety problems. This seems to be a frequent occurrence in the event of thunderstorms, fireworks or any other agitating situation.
The pet anxiety pills are among the most frequently bought pet supplies in recent times. The pills are chicken liver flavored so it makes it easy for the pets to munch them like treats.

Cat Scratching Post
Things are becoming so easy these days, so much so that pets do not need to constitute a nuisance in the home. They have their own privacy and space for doing their businesses.
One of such private spaces is the cat scratching post. It offers the cat a comfortable spot to scratch its itching self without destroying its owners couch. Cat owners really love this piece and it has become one of the most sought after pet supplies today.
Pets’ Beds
This is a must-have item for pets. It also has different styles which the pet owners can choose from for their pets’ comfort.
Pets’ Car-seat Protectors
This is another Amazon bestselling item. Dog car seat protectors are becoming a necessity for dog owners. They are protective fabrics which have attachments in all the right places. This keeps the dog hairs off the car seat while safe-guarding the dog.
Feeder Bowls
I wish many people would stop using just any weird looking bowl to feed their pets. Dog bowls are trending sales items which come in various shapes, brands and sizes, to best suit your taste.
The slow feeder bowls are the most demanded feeders. They are designed in a maze-like shape to basically slow down the dog’s eating pace. This can prevent eating hazards like choking.
Pet water Fountain
The most popular brand is the Drinkwell Platinum. It can store as much as 160 ounces of water and uses a free-falling water stream to keep the pet fascinated enough to keep drinking water. Last year, several Savvy Shoppers bought hundreds of this pet supply.

If you never knew all of these supplies existed, now you know. So, now that you know, you should go get them for your pets. You can get them in the comfort of your homes through online stores. Also, if you are still thinking of the right products to sell online, you should consider trying pet supplies. They are really trendy now.