The Best Hand Made Jewelry Items on the Market Today


Jewelries are beautiful pieces that complement our outfits. Jewelries can be handmade or machine made, depending on the maker. Either ways, they are very attractive. These attractive pieces have different designs, colors, shapes and sizes from which jewelry lovers can make their choice from.
In recent times, handmade jewelries seem to be in high demand. People just love the originality of handmade designs. The handmade jewelries are crafted with beautiful materials that can hardly be over-looked by jewelry lovers.
The world of jewelry making has grown beyond the stage of wearing simple and ordinary looking jewelries. It has now become a world where jewelries are used for making fashion statements. Jewelries are magical. They can transform casuals into classy and also, they have the ability to tone down a dinner look, it all depends on how the wearer combines the jewelries.
Earrings, neckpieces, bracelets, anklets, waist chains are examples of jewelry which have been in existence for a very long time. All these jewels keep coming back into the world of fashion in new, attractive styles.
However, to avoid looking like a clown in jewelry, you need to know the kinds of jewelry that are trending right now. You need to know what to order for when next you desire to make a jewelry purchase. Also, if you own an online store, you can go through this article before stocking up your store with jewelry that people won’t want.
Top Trends in the World of Handmade Jewelry
Solar System Bracelet
This seems hard to believe right? If you are looking for a piece that would get heads turning at the sight of your hand, then this unique jewelry is for you.
This product has been taking over sales on AliExpress. It is a beautiful handcrafted piece that has eight planet-like beads. All its beads are made out of natural stones. It is not gender selective and very simple looking.
If you want to get these beauties sold as quickly as possible, your target customers should be lovers of astronomy or science lovers. Also, people who love sci-fi and space-themed movies will want to purchase this bracelet without hesitation.

Color Block Earrings
Earrings are the most popular jewelry. They are popularly used by majority of women and even many men in recent times. They suit everything and every occasion. They have various types, the studs, loop, dangling and a lot of others which are very attractive to wear. Earrings keep evolving in style so sometimes; it can be a bit difficult for everyone to keep up with the trend.
However, in the late 2018’s, there was a trend in the world of earrings which is still very hot right now. This is the color block earring. Clothing designs really put these earrings on display in different styles which got earring lovers craving for a piece.
On Google trend, the online search for this earring has been on a very high side. They have a modern look that impresses customers. If you own an online fashion store, you can add this piece to your earring collection or pair it up with matching outfits for sale.
Multilayer Cross Necklace
The religious piece added to this necklace only makes it a center of attraction. Everybody wants to wear it irrespective of the religion they practice. In the last few months, there have been thousands of orders for this piece online.
So, whether you decide to sell the simple multilayer necklace or the one with the cross, you would definitely have rapid sales. But, selling the religious necklace with the cross is very easy because you can easily identify your target audience.
Rhinestone Hoop Earrings
Hoops are an object of fancy right now. This rhinestone hoop earrings have a beautiful sparkle around them that mesmerizes people. It has been a trending piece among other handmade jewelries since 2015.
Selling this jewelry however depends on targeting the right customers. Women between the ages of 20-30 seem to demand for this piece more than other age grades. This is piece is also a very flashy one so, in order to sell them, you need to put them on display during festive seasons. Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Prom, and any special occasions are the best seasons to sell them.
Wave Ring
This ring has a very simple but attractive design. It comes in three colors; gold, rose gold and silver. It is a piece that reminds people of the waters. It looks like the wave of the sea. This is a perfect piece for sports, nature and water lovers.
Koi Fish Design Bracelet
This is piece is just too attractive to describe with mere words. It looks like swirls of rippling water surrounding a pretty koi fish swimming in a pond of sterling silver. This is too beautiful to imagine.
It is very comfortable to wear and adjustable. One size fits every size. They are really trending now and a must have in any online store.
Knotted Leathe and Pearl Necklace
Like I said earlier on in this article, handmade jewelry is really evolving. Apart from being cheaper than machine made ones, they are also very unique. This particular jewelry looks like a knotted piece, tied to a leathe with two pretty pearls dangling just below the leathe. They look very comforting and darling. It is a must-have for every jewelry lover.
Name Bracelets
These bracelets are called name bracelets because they made with writings on them. They are beautifully hand-made with different inscriptions on them. You have the choice to pick the one which best suits your personality.
Calendar Key Chain
This seems like an odd thing to wear, but it doesn’t look out of place on your neck. It features a calendar with a heart around a specific date that means something important to you. It can also be customized. You can add any text to the circle or any month on the calendar.
Crocodile teeth Pendant
I still haven’t gotten over the enchanting look of this pendant. It is so original. Now, I do not know if it’s actually the crocodile’s teeth or another material, all I know is that it is a beautiful piece. It looks natural and attractive. You can use it with any dazzling necklace of your choice and it will suddenly give you that enchanting and attractive look.

There you have it, the top ten trending jewelry that seem to be hot right now. Hurry up, grab yours from stores, online store owners, stock these beauties in your store and start selling quickly. You can thank me for the tip off later.