The Underground Secrets SEO Course Review

Ruan Marinho SEO Course

My honest review of Ruan Marinho SEO course

Firstly I must say Ruan Marinho is highly credible. He builds a name for himself through youtube with being open and transparent about his successes in the digital marketing space.

He currently makes $50K+ a month at age 24 after doing this for a year or so.

Just check out his youtube channel, I don’t need to say more.

I would not buy this course if you stuck in shiny object syndrome. You may see his results or my results and want to jump on the SEO train.

Real Quick!!

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#4 – Amazon Survey

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From experience, I failed in everything I’ve done due to shiny object syndrome except Dropshipping because in 2018 I decided whatever make money online route I go, I will stick to that one thing only.

Before You Go Any Further, Watch these Videos

This videos will help you understand why you should buy this course:


I’ve needed to drop everything that’s taking up my time like drop shipping, the youtube creative commons method, FB ads…everything.

For 2019 I’ve committed to strictly learning and performing SEO. So don’t buy this course if you’re in the mindset of the next big things or getting rich quick.

You’re probably thinking, why should I buy his course, he gives so much information on youtube. YES! This is true. I’m going to skip any fluff, his course offers instructional step by step videos so YOU CANNOT MESS THIS UP.


His course offers structure. I found myself lost when trying to buy a rank and rent site just off of his youtube information so I got my hands on the course. Lastly, there is information he could never publicly tell his youtube audience.

That information alone is worth a lot more than the course. Disclosure if you take the course seriously it could change your life quickly, I got my first client less than 3 days of buying the course pitching SEO to e-commerce store owners.

To begin I want to say, his content is DEEP.  There are 10 modules loaded with practical content. I’m going to give you an inside look at it so you know what you are buying before buying it. All in all, You could virtually give this to a 13-year-old and they could run their own SEO Agency.

Here is a video review of some results I’ve gotten so far about 45 Days into the course.

Module 1 – Intro to why SEO is Important

An introduction to SEO. Where the market is heading with it and why you should grab your piece of the pie. Now I know what you may be thinking…SEO isn’t sexy, dropshipping is where it is at.

If you are just getting started in SEO, I suggest you look into Rank Daddy, because it will allow you to outsource everything you’ll learn in Ruan course.

I was a drop shipper for about a year, I decided to sell the store because it wasn’t sustainable. As we would scale our FB ads we’d notice the ads would start to perform horribly eating all out profits. Imagine if I put the 2.5k monthly ad spend into SEO and influencer marketing.

Anyways back to the review…the fact is everyone still uses google and it is easier to market on Google because of buyer intent vs disrupting someone with a paid ad.

He then shows you all the factor that is important when buying an expired domain, most other guru’s will say “buy an expired domain” and leave it at that.

Check out some of the results students have gotten

Module 2 – Must Have SEO Tools

Ruan Marinho goes into depth about the SEO tools he uses. There is one video per tool and explains the key metrics to pay attention to. All the tools combined can cost you upwards of $1500+ a month.

He knows to start out we don’t have money to blow so he shows us a secret way to get all the tool in total 35 tools for less than 50$ a month. Crazy! I know. That secret alone is worth the price of the course.

Module 3 – Guidance on your SEO Journey

Here you’ll dive into the SEO roadmap. Ruan simplifies the SEO lifecycle in a 4 step cycle that makes it very easy to understand. He teaches you how to do market research in the right way.

He shows examples and uses the free tools in the examples for those who don’t have the paid tools. Watching him do it step by step literally is something you don’t see in 99% of courses today.

Next, you’ll learn how to do keyword research in two phases. Phase one is getting organized and putting 15-20 keywords in an excel you want to rank for.

Phase two is compiling your competitor’s keywords to device an intelligent strategy to outrank them and steal their traffic. Again he breaks it down so properly a child could do this for you.

 Module 4 – Building Your Website the Right Way

The underground secrets seo course will teach you step by step into building your website. You’re shown how to set up your WordPress site after you’ve purchased the domain. The best SEO settings and plugins to use with WordPress and how to install them.

Wondering how to track your results for potential clients? Here you’ll learn how to set up a call tracker on your site if you want to go the rank and rent way. You’ll also find a couple of videos explaining the ins and outs of google analytics.

Check out some of the results people have gotten

Module 5 – Building Website Pages Correctly

He’ll walk you through adding location pages, service pages or any page you should have in your menu bar.

This can get time-consuming especially if you’re working a 9-5. Now what I did is went ahead and Hired someone on SEO clerk to set up the website for me. I had them mimic a website and ill go in later and change all the content.

If you want to follow my journey as I build multiple rank and rent site subscribe to my Youtube channel

Let’s Take a Quick Break! You Must Watch This!

I want you to see and understand the full POWER of SEO.

Ruan Marinho has literally given you the blueprint to changing your life with SEO. Not only has he built a solid SEO Agency but he has now begun to build lead generation pages that actually generate leads for businesses.

The beauty of this is that he owns the property and can sell the leads for a cut of the profit to business owners. 1% of a sign job from 1 lead a month could mean hundreds or thousands of dollar in his pocket from the strong SEO techniques he has built on his website. He shows you step by step in the course how to do the same. It’s mind-blowing!

Module 6 – The Off Page Strategy

You’ll learn about off page optimization. Setting up all your social media accounts is a key factor when it comes to ranking.

I run a service where I set up 20 social media accounts for you and link them to a syndication network meaning when you make a blog post on your website it automatically gets sent out your social media accounts in your network.

This not only creates TF but it keeps all your social media accounts active with just the click of a button.

He then goes to show you the importance of citations to rank in the local snack pack, map pack or 3 pack whatever you want to call it.

The citations are also great for new websites as they help you build TF, relevance, etc. but these aren’t used as a backlink method to rank in the organic SERPs. There are a few other important lessons I won’t go into here.

Check out some of the results people have gotten

Module  7 – Backlinks

In the underground secrets SEO course, ruan Marinho will teach you how to and where to buy backlinks correctly. This is by far probably everyone’s favorite “Backlinks”. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking…you could just buy PBN links or Guest Post and call it a day. Believe it or not, this can have a negative impact on your SEO if you’re a new website.

The course goes into detail about this and Ruan shows you a method the big gurus are using to rank websites within the 30 days. Today it is pretty easy for an SEO newbie to get penalized by Google and say SEO doesn’t work.

He goes into the anchor text you should use that are safe and help you rank. In terms of white hat or black hat whatever you want to call it, you’ll learn to safely and effectively get links from relevant websites.

This is key to the longevity of your business because unlike PBNs or paying for spammy links this won’t harm your site and it also increases topical relevance which will be a major major factor in SEO moving forward.

PBNs –  The power of PBNs

Again you’ll see him do it step by step. For those who are into PBNs, he hasn’t forgotten about you. You’ll learn how to build a PBN from scratch, he breaks down the cost, where to find them, the difference between auction and expired. I’ve never heard any other SEO explain this before.

I’ve bought expired domains before due to the fact you hear other SEOs talking about the benefit of them. They’ve left a crucial secret out, why you shouldn’t buy a deleted or expired domains. Ill you find out more about that in the course. You’ll learn how to safely link out from your PBN to your money site.

A lot of SEOs don’t teach this, and its very very important because of the Google algorithmic updates. Lastly, in the module, something crucial I never knew about is the way to clean up a bad or spammed domain you bought or your client has.

I bought a great expired domain that was in the auction, with what I learned in the course I got it for $20 but its estimated value was about $600. One big issue, I got way too excited and bought it without checking to make sure it had 0% spam. It actually had 4% spam.

Thanks to a secret in the course I was able to buy and use an expensive tool for dirt cheap to check the metrics after I purchased it. I was so upset I bought the domain without checking the metrics but I learned how to clean up the spam step by step. This course is truly dummy proof.

Module 8 – Content That Ranks (REALLY WELL)

Probably the first module I looked at when I bought the course and dreaded going into it. I totally hate writing because I’m not good at it because I don’t care to practice.

If you’re an engineer like me, in college professors would say our grammar isn’t important because we specialize in math and science while the English majors and everyone else focused on their written skills.

Anyways, getting into it, he breaks it down step by step what you need to do and why you’re doing it. You’ll learn how to write blog post expected to rank.

Looking at the competition for the niche and blog topics I choose is very exciting because the current blog post that is ranking don’t really know what they’re doing.

Now I’m beginning to get excited about writing a blog post. Seriously no fluff, he breaks it down so well as I said before this course if dummy proof and if you are serious about changing your life, this is the #1 SEO course you want to consider. You’ll then learn how to share your post on social media, SEO style.

No ones ever showed you this before, but it’s very important as social signals are becoming an important ranking factor.

Check out some of the results people have gotten

Module 9 – Building an Agency

Shows you step by step how to start and operate a digital marketing company if you’re interested.

To be transparent let me explain, you’ll learn how to find  companies email addresses, how to send proposals, how to schedule appointments, what to do the first couple days you on board a client, how to create reports for clients, how to sell other services that bring in large profits, and so much more. All in all, this beats any other agency Course I’ve taken.


The GOLDEN module, why? Because you’ll see step by step what Ruan sends to cold clients.

The twist, he mainly sends cold video pitches. AND THEY REALLY WORK. I’ve done it and gotten 3 out of 5 clients to respond to me and book a meeting.

This alone can make you your money back as quickly as you implement this method. So much more could be said but if you’re not sold already then this probably isn’t for you.

If you are interested and would like to learn more or purchase the course you can find it here.

If you want to see my awesome results I’ve gotten from this course, follow me on youtube: EachOneTeachOne*

If you want to follow my status from the course as im building a web design agency that upsells local seo to my clients, then you can check out the website here at ObstacleDM.

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