MyEcon Review

My honest MyEcon Review and It’s Believed To Be a Scam

*Disclaimer* I’m not promising anything here, these results are from hard work. These results are not typical. This is just my experience so far. Reach out via email before joining if you have questions. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I cannot do the hard work for you. Continue on below if you want to learn about the myEcon Review. 

MyEcon’s main service is a credit repair program, the twist is that they allow you to build a business helping others join the program to repair their credit. I’m sure you want to know if myEcon is a scam or not. You want to know what myEcon can do for you. Lastly, you want to know if it’s worth joining. All the juicy info is below.

My Econ Pros and Cons, Is It A Scam?

If you haven’t noticed, MyEcon is getting a lot of hype lately. I have done my research and found that the company has been around for 20 years. It offers many services but most people are making money by creating teams & helping people signed up for the services and cashing out. Most people use business services to help people repair their bad credit score.

They tell people about the tax advice, legal services and all the other things that come with the business and people can’t seem to resist. MyEcon is huge in Atlanta, GA because it has given African Americans a CHANCE at financial literacy and freedom. All the hype speaks for itself. This opportunity is for anyone but I’ve noticed the demographic is largely minorities, which is AWESOME. You may be wondering how to promote myecon. We’ll teach you in this article.

MyEcon review bbb the Benefits/Cost

  • Cost $35 to join (That’s less than your phone bill)
  • Repairs your credit while allowing you to help others repair theirs
  • EASILY build a passive income stream in less than a week
  • Even if you don’t build a team, you get a 10% tax credit for owning a home based business
  • If you make $500 a week from your job, you now make $550 a week just for being in the program and owning your own business

MyEcon Commission and how to Profit FAST ??

The main way I make money referral bonuses. I set up a bunch of low costing websites where I blog about topics related to credit repair, making money online, working from home, etc. It is too easy because only 22% of Americans have excellent credit, that means 88% of 327 Million people need help increasing their credit score. The numbers don’t lie, this is why I’ve been able to generate A LOT of money since I began this year.

I should my team exclusively on youtube lives and webinars exactly what I do to get these insane results. If my team wins, I win, if I teach you how to fish vs telling you how to fish or fishing for you, you will be fishers of men (Analogy in the bible).


Below is a downline of mine explaining the myecon compensation plan, YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY



I have focused intensely on my team’s growth over the last 5 months, my goal is to leave no stone unturned. I’m working hard to get everyone on my team to the second rank at a minimum by placing people under them and teaching them how to create quick online assets to generate the entire team money. Once you sign up, I will help you bring in 3 people on your team as fast as possible. The first 2 are worth 10$ each, but the 3rd person and anyone after is worth 35$ each. Then after we build this proof then we go to your family and friends.

Then you rank up and literally it’s so quick and easy to rank up when you join my team because I teach you how to set up these online assets to get you, interested people, while you’re sleeping and while you’re working. I get too excited talking about this, so join my team and let’s get on a one on one call.

How my Team Makes Money??

No matter what business you begin, what will make or break you is mentorship/guidance.


Why would you join my team?

Why do tons of people join my team?

  • Youtube live biweekly training
  • Show you exactly what I’m doing NOW to get new leads hourly/daily
  • Teach you how to get people all over the world with simple websites
  • Help you rank up asap before showing friends/family the opportunity
  • Done For You Services (Building website, etc)
  • I help my downline by matching them with leads (You get a lead, I’ll give you my next lead) *This will promote you extremely Quick
  • Show you how to build websites and get tons of traffic FAST!
  • I realize if you don’t make money, I don’t make money
  • I do my best to MAKE SURE my new recruits make money ASAP
  • Teach you how to invest your profits into other business ventures
  • It’s so cheap to join & look at how much my new guys make week 1
  • Look at my team’s results, it speaks for itself

You would have to build your way up but it seems that over time you could actually make real passive income. One of the main things about MLM’s is timing. MyEcon has only started to get popular a few months ago so now would really be the time to join. 2 years from now it will be saturated just like MCA, Shopify, and many other online businesses.

Once you build your team and reach a certain amount of people in your downline, you could potentially retire in a couple years, but just like any business, it will take a little work in the beginning, although this one is cheaper and easier than probably any business I have seen. With all the different services it makes it easy to promote to clients, and there’s always the referral program.

Some of my team’s results (This is just the beginning)



How Do I Feel About The Business Model?

I think it’s a good, simple business model, that pretty much anyone can use, but the same rules apply for any business; you have to take it seriously. I think there are certain people that will always dislike MLM’s because they don’t know how to market their products. MLM’s are not for everyone but they can provide massive sources of income for the individual if done correctly. A $35 investment giving you the chance to quit your job, WHO WOULDN’T TAKE SUCH A LOW RISK AND TRY IT OUT.

For some people, it’s easy to make money with MLM’s. In any type of business like this, you’re wasting your time if you try chasing your family & friends to sign up. I realize that where people are stuck the most, they have the heart but their imagination is small. So I teach step by step how to make tons of money FIRST, then go show your friends and family proof. My system is hands down easy and duplicatable if you have a desire to learn it.

There are tons of other people that you have never met that are much more likely to purchase the services. That’s the only real way to make good money is by having a system that allows you to have your brand seen. No one really has enough friends and family to become financially free with referral bonuses, but the right marketing is how people are currently making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Conclusion on MyEcon:

I think if you are looking to start your first business, or know about network marketing this could work for you. Honestly, anyone could do it. It is cheap to start and easy to manage. If you don’t put in the time in the beginning and market your products and the business opportunity then you will flop. Same goes for any MLM. If you don’t have a lot of money then this might be for you.

All depends on timing and putting in the work but since it’s a low-risk business model, it has great potential. I personally would use the services and get my credit fixed while building my business.

The best part is that you already have a product to sell that most people can afford so it can save you a lot of time and money. If you don’t like MLM’s well then that is self-explanatory. Not much to lose, and it’s almost always good to capitalize on the opportunity while a business is getting a lot of buzz. Don’t forget to share this review on your social media accounts if/after you join.  

Join my Team Now

*Only Join MyECON if you are serious. Don’t waste your time or my time if you think you will get rich in a couple days then quit when you don’t. I’ve seen people do it but it’s from hard work and anything is possible.*


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