MyEcon Review 2019: This Credit Repair Program Gives You the Opportunity To Make Money Aswell

myecon review


myEcon is an MLM that is created by Ivey Stokes. Its been around since 2005. It is being promoted as a personal financial success company, which their main product is a state of the art credit repair program that has proven to increase your credit score. Below you’ll find a full review of myecon.

MyEcon is 100% NOT a Scam – But We recently left myEcon for a way better opportunity

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#3 – InboxDollars

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#4 – Amazon Survey

This is a cool one. This one you can get pretty cool stuff at the end of the survey. This is great if you like amazon. Try out Amazon Survey

#5 – TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a reward site that pays you to Watch Videos, View Funny Slideshows, Do Surveys, Install Apps, Follow people on Instagram and more. Click the image to sign up.


#6 – Survey2Cash

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#7 – Success System Revealed

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#8 – Opinion City

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If you’re looking to make money online with myEcon or starting an affordable online business please contact us before joining myEcon:

myEcon FAQ’s

Who owns myEcon?

A: Ivey Stokes Chairmain and Alvin Curry CEO, are the owners of MyEcon, they originally owned a company called Maxxis Group, another MLM that they founded in 1998. It specialized in communication services, marketing services, and nutritional products. But who cares today haha.

What is myEcon inc?

A: MyEcon is credit repair multi-level marketing company. The one thing I don’t like about them compared to MWR is that you have to do all the work yourself. With MWR they literally repair your credit for you.

What is myEcon Income Shifting?

A: Income shifting strategy involves two steps which the first step was stated above which is a simple step in correcting your withholding tax form where you can receive the maximum pay for your performance that you have earned and step two is investing your money in proper places where your income can shift

What does myEcon sell or offer?

A: MyEcon mainly offers a credit repair program that guides you step by step on how to repair your credit and fix your W4 to get more money on you paycheck each month. MWR through literally does all of this for you, hence why I prefer it over myEcon.

How myEcon works?

A: That’s a hard question to answer. Because it’s an MLM to make money with it, you will need to promote it on social media. Which can be very hard if you don’t know haven’t taken our course.

How does myEcon pay?

A: They pay at the end of the week, direct deposit. To be very honest though, they said they pay weekly, but I had 4 people enroll and I did not receive payment till 3 weeks later.

How to join myEcon?

A: You will need to either visit their website or know someone that is involved. I wouldn’t recommend joining just from experience, things are a little shady, I would join MWR.

Is myEcon a legit company?

A: Yes they are legit. But it isn’t for everyone. They teach you how to repair your own credit but if you want an mlm company to repair your credit for you, join MWR.

How to cancel myEcon account?

A: The way you can cancel your membership is by logging in, then go to your back office and scroll down, there is a big red cancellation button.

How to market or promote myEcon?

A: The best way to market myEcon is probably social media unless you want to market it to your friends and family and burn those bridges. Lol DON’T DO IT!!

Why Join myEcon?

A: I think you shouldn’t join myEcon, join MWR, they both provide credit repair service but…MWR

Is myEcon a scam or pyramid scheme?

A: MyEcon is not a scam. MyEcon is just not for everyone. You need to proactively promote it to make any money with it.

What are some myEcon pros and cons?

  • (Pro) If you enjoy genuinely helping others
  • (Pro) If you want to learn about financial literacy
  • (Pro) If you want to become wealthy (NOT RICH)
  • (Con) You have to manually do the work to repair your credit
  • (Con) You have to bother and bug people to join your team
  • (Con) People that join your team quit within a month

MyEcon vs fes?

A: Hmm that’s a good one, I’m sure myEcon is better.

MyEcon vs mca?

A: MCA got selfish and made profits about them and not the business owners. So everyone ditched them for myEcon lol.

Are there any myEcon testimonies?

A: There are some but you’ll see most people using the top earner’s income report to make it seem like they are actually making money when in reality they haven’t made a dime.

Where MyEcon Reddit link?

A: You can simply search “myecon Reddit” and you can go chat with the other fellow Redditors about myecon.

What is myEcon BBB rating?

A: They got an A+ rating surprisingly, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone though.

Is myEcon located in charlotte NC?

A: No they are located right outside of Atlanta, the ATL.

What is myecon live?

A: They do live webinars, that just talk about the opportunity and try to keep you motivated lol because SO MANY people quit within the first 30 days.

Where can I see the myEcon presentation 2019?

A: You can go to their main website and their presentation is located there at the bottom.

How Does MyEcon work?

A: Well once you join, you can watch the training videos on fixing your W4 form and repairing your credit.

Is myEcon a  home-based business?

A: You can call it that because you can promote myEcon anywhere you are

Where is myecon headquarters?

A: They are based in Gwinnett County, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Is myEcon an affiliate program?

A: It’s a multi-level marketing business model?

Where is the myecon associate login?

A: If you google “myEcon login” you’ll see the link at there on google.

What is myEcon evp gold?

A: EVP stands for executive vice president, a rank in myEcon when you have built up a small team of 6+.

How does myEcon actually help your credit?

A: Well they teach how to get things off of your rep.

Where is the myEcon compensation plan for 2019?

A: It’s on their website.

What is the myEcon cashback mall?

A: Cashback mall is wack as hell…WACK.

Is myEcon cashflow manager app any good?

A: The app isn’t that good but it’s nice to have a mobile app so you can log on to see if you got any new recruits

It 100% matters what team you join. Most people don’t make money




It took about a year and a half ago to get here and consistently make more money each week. I am not saying you will make the same amount of money as me if you join my team.

I am saying I want everyone on my team to make money so I  show you step by step training on how to repeat what I’ve done and I offer a done for you service.

This week alone I made upwards of $3000+

myecon compensation

I’ll give you a little sneak peak at one of the things I do to generate this amount of money from myEcon.

Big secret is everyone is always destroying their credit and looking for an affordable way to repair it. Credit repair service will never go away.

A small investment of $99 changed my life a little over a year ago. With hard work and the willingness to learn I’m sure it can change your life as well.

This is NOT for someone looking to get rich tomorrow. If you are looking for a fly by night opportunity THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I don’t have time to babysit because my team is rapidly growing and i’m constantly updating the training on new easy ways to market. If you are not a hard worker and quit after a month or two of things not working out perfectly, you might as well LEAVE this blog. Just being blunt..


The link below will take you to Facebook to get in direct contact with me before joining my team, in case you have any questions or want to see my weeks earnings.


If you do not have facebook and would still like to join my team and receive our training worth $997 for free, send us an email:


As you can see, “Credit Repair Florida” is searched about 260 times a month.

That means, just from having a website at the top of Google for this term in this 1 location, I can expect at least 100+ people a month come to my website looking for credit repair services.

What if I told you, I have 1 website for each state. What if I told you, you can create a website for your city or county.

The ideas are endless and this is one of the strategies I’ve been using that was consistently made me money.

We will chat and figure out if joining my team will be a good match for you and I because I only want hungry people. I don’t want to teach everyone my methods so it doesn’t saturate the market..Only extremely hungry hustlers.

Second, after our chat, join my team!

Compared to other MLMs like Nu Skin, rodan and fields, usana and Amway

MyEcon offers a service that is practical and a third of Americans need not want.

Some of my Results





If you have a question and want to reach me quickly on facebook, message me on my business facebook account HERE


In regards to SEO I’ve learned and hired these guys Rank Daddy to get me these kinds of high ranking results.

Now here is the full review if you’re not yet sold


Here is more on myEcon’s about us:

“myEcon, Inc. is a privately held, debt free company based in Gwinnett County, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. The company was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs in 2005. The company operates in the multi-billion dollar Direct Sales industry. The founders’ vision is to empower people to attain Personal Financial Success. The company name myEcon, is short for “my Economy”; because the founders envision each individual taking care of their Personal Economy just as governments and corporations take care of theirs. myEcon empowers its Associates to attain financial success by helping Associates earn income through a web-based business system and by teaching them financial strategies. The company currently has over 50,000 independent marketing associates and is one of the fastest growing companies in America.”

A countless number of myecon members can vouch for the value myecon provides. The core business model is an MLM people automatically label it a scam.

To learn the facts regarding, we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review to gather all the intel you need to accurately determine whether myEcon is suitable for you.

 MyEcon’s main service is a credit repair program, the twist is that they allow you to build a business helping others join the program to repair their credit.

I’m sure you want to know if myEcon is a scam or not. You want to know what myEcon can do for you. Lastly, you want to know if it’s worth joining. All the juicy info is below.

MyEcon review Pros and Cons, Is It A Scam (The team you join will determine your success)?

Here is why I think myEcon is a scam…99% of the team’s you’d join don’t teach anyone how to market in a way that’s not salesy or pushy. How do you join something and not know how to get a return on investment.

So I created an easy process for everyone that joins my page from done for you service to help you get clients daily, weekly or monthly to giving you a step by step over the should how to get people to sign up without pitching sales or burning bridges.

If you haven’t noticed, MyEcon is getting a lot of hype lately.

I have done my research and found that the company has been around for 20 years.

It offers many services but most people are making money by creating teams & helping people signed up for the services and cashing out.

Most people use business services to help people repair their bad credit score.

They tell people about the tax advice, legal services and all the other things that come with the business and people can’t seem to resist.

MyEcon is huge in Atlanta, GA because it has given African Americans a CHANCE at financial literacy and freedom. All the hype speaks for itself.

This opportunity is for anyone but I’ve noticed the demographic is largely minorities, which is AWESOME. You may be wondering how to promote myecon. We’ll teach you in this article.

MyEcon review on the Benefits/Cost

  • Cost $35 to join (That’s less than your phone bill)
  • Repairs your credit while allowing you to help others repair theirs
  • EASILY build a passive income stream in less than a week
  • Even if you don’t build a team, you get a 10% tax credit for owning a home based business
  • If you make $500 a week from your job, you now make $550 a week just for being in the program and owning your own business

MyEcon Commission and how to Profit FAST ??

The main way I make money in myEcon referral bonuses.

I set up a bunch of low cost to build websites where I blog about topics related to credit repair, making money online, working from home, etc.

It is too easy because only 22% of Americans have excellent credit, that means 88% of 327 Million people need help increasing their credit score.

The numbers don’t lie, this is why I’ve been able to generate A LOT of money since I began this year.

I show my team exclusively on youtube lives and webinars exactly what I do to get these insane results.

If my team wins, I win, if I teach you how to fish vs telling you how to fish or fishing for you, you will be fishers of men (Analogy in the bible).

myEcon works as a multi level marketing commission structure. The system will work best for you when you recruit two people into the business.

The 2 people that you personally sponsored will earn you a commission of $20 each.

On your third personally sponsored business partner you earn $35 and from all of your additional personally sponsored members up front.

The third personally sponsored partner is called your “Base Shop”.

Once you have your “Base Shop” setup meaning you’ve sponsored more than 2 partners you can make money on the people your recruits have recruited.

You also make money by selling thier credit repair product that myEcon offers.  Your focus might be on recruiting a lot of other people just like yourself that join the business opportunity but you can also make tons of money from promoting their product.

A quick history lesson, myEcon merged with the Novae MLM in 2016. Novae and myEcon have finalized the merger on October 1, 2016.

Since Novae’s inception in 2014, the company has focused on Lifestyle Enhancement, offering products and services to enhance individuals’ lives in all areas.

The merger with myEcon, founded in 2005, allows Novae to streamline their focus to myEcon’s specialty, Wealth Creation through a concept myEcon refers to as “Income Shifting”.

With hundreds of millions of Americans looking to improve their financial situation, Novae and myEcon are poised to become industry leaders within this category.

“This is not only going to be great for both companies, but a major home run for the Independent Business Owners (IBOs) of Novae as well!” states Reco McDaniel, Novae President & CEO. McDaniel further explains, “This merger allows our IBOs to have an enhanced opportunity from day 1.

The top level enrollment fee for new IBOs is decreasing from $499 to $199, which lowers the barriers of entry. The compensation payout is significantly increasing as well, allowing IBOs to potentially earn thousands of dollars weekly for sharing the new opportunity.

Novae’s monthly membership fee of $99.95 is now being reduced to $34.95 through the merger and will provide IBOs with increased value and services!”

More about MyEcon Inc.

myEcon’s Financial Success Membership includes a Cashflow Manager Software, Identity Theft Protection, Free & Discounted Legal Services, Tax Advice Service & Preparation, and Identity Theft Prevention. Novae will add Novae Perks, Novae Library, and Novae Travel to this membership and at no additional cost to current myEcon and Novae IBOs. In addition to the membership, Novae Roadside Companion, Sprayology, and Novae Money will also be added to myEcon’s product offerings.

Ivey Stokes, Founder of myEcon, also sees the merger as a major win for his company. Stokes states, “Over the last few years, myEcon set company goals to improve marketing, become mobile, and begin to attract a younger demographic. For more than a decade, our company has attracted tens of thousands of Baby Boomers across the country and we have been successful. This merger allows us to capitalize on Novae’s strengths which help us accomplish our goals in short order.”

Search for Myecon BBB reviews and see what they have to say

With the release of Novae Connect, Novae’s mobile application, in August, both companies are excited about smart phone technology being married with this newly enhanced opportunity. In October, all of the IBOs of myEcon and Novae will now have access to this application, which is sure to generate momentum for these companies and make the industry take notice.

Multi-Million Dollar Earner and Top Industry Trainer Brian Beane is excited about this merger and has decided to come out of retirement to join these two powerhouses to create something special. Beane exclaims, “It’s not often that you have 2 company owners that have collectively built multi-million dollar companies decide to come together for the benefit of their companies and communities so everyone wins! This may very well be the greatest merger in the history of the Network Marketing industry!”

myEcon and Novae’s executive teams will begin efforts to blend corporate leadership. Over the next several months, the companies will continue to take steps to integrate systems, marketing, organizations, and culture to create a huge conglomerate that will change the lives of millions across the country. – Source

Here is what I had to say about Novae in my review of them:

In my opinion, Novae is a scam and here’s why. They are a rebirth of WakeUpNow by previous representatives of WakeUpNow.

Just like Amway review here, there are just way too many ulterior motives.

They use low tier products to cover up their scam. The compensation plan requires you to purchase their product and have it on a monthly auto-shipment.

They incentivize you to primarily recruit other business partners and push them to recruit other business partners.

You only profit from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. What a straight up scam.

They don’t report information that verifies that people are making any significant amount of money in their business opportunity. I would personally avoid Novae MLM.

It looks to me that Novae and myEcon might be a perfect fit. Because myEcon actually has a product that is well worth the investment.


Below is a downline of mine explaining the myecon compensation plan, YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY



I have focused intensely on my team’s growth over the last 5 months, my goal is to leave no stone unturned.

I’m working hard to get everyone on my team to the second rank at a minimum by placing people under them and teaching them how to create quick online assets to generate the entire team money.

Once you sign up with myEcon through the link below, I will help you bring in 3 people on your team as fast as possible.

The first 2 are worth 10$ each, but the 3rd person and anyone after is worth 35$ each. Then after we build this proof then we go to your family and friends.

Then you rank up and literally it’s so quick and easy to rank up when you join my team because I teach you how to set up these online assets to get you, interested people, while you’re sleeping and while you’re working.

I get too excited talking about this, so join my team and let’s get on a one on one call.


How my Team Makes Money??

You would have to build your way up but it seems that over time you could actually make real passive income. One of the main things about MLM’s is timing.

MyEcon has only started to get popular a few months ago so now would really be the time to join.

2 years from now it will be saturated just like Herbalife reviews, MCA, Shopify, and many other online businesses.

Once you build your team and reach a certain amount of people in your downline, you could potentially retire in a couple years, but just like any business, it will take a little work in the beginning, although this one is cheaper and easier than probably any business I have seen.

With all the different services it makes it easy to promote to clients, and there’s always the referral program.


How Do I Feel About The Business Model?

I think it’s a good, simple business model, that pretty much anyone can use, but the same rules apply for any business; you have to take it seriously. I think there are certain types of people that will always dislike MLM’s because they don’t know how to market their products.

No one really has enough friends and family to become financially free with referral bonuses, but the right marketing is how we are currently making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Conclusion on MyEcon:

I think if you are looking to start your first business, or know about network marketing this could work for you. Honestly, anyone could do it. It is cheap to start and easy to manage.

If you don’t put in the time in the beginning and market your products and the business opportunity then you will flop. Same goes for any MLM. If you don’t have a lot of money then this might be for you.

With myEcon All depends on timing and putting in the work but since it’s a low-risk business model, it has great potential. I personally would use the services and get my credit fixed while building my business.

Not much to lose, and it’s almost always good to capitalize on the opportunity while business is getting a lot of buzz. Don’t forget to share this review on your social media accounts if/after you join.