MWR Financial Review: MWR Life’s Credit Repair MLM Service That Actually Works


What Is MWR Financial?

MWR Financial is a financial services MLM. They have monthly subscription services which helps with financial issues such as credit repair and tax return optimization.

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These type of programs don’t get a lot of attention because they don’t over promise in terms of fast money. Most people chase hyped up scams which promise the world only to collapse or get shut down. MWR is kind of like my top way to make money online in that it offers a stable and legitimate program that requires a time committment, but is likely to earn you more income in the long terms. Slow and steady wins every time and you need a stable (if a little boring) program to get somewhere. Who cares if prospects find it boring when you can make a life changing income right?

Let’s get into the details with the MWR Financial program and subscription.

MWR Financial Edge ($79.97 per Month)CreditMax – correct credit mistakes and offers advice
EquityMax – budgeting and debt management
MoneyMax – access to accounting survices and tax return software
WealthMax – financial education
Debt Resolution Center – gives you a range of options in negotiating and dealing with debt

Compensation Plan


Rank Required Cust Pts Personal Affiliates Uni Level Legs Team Requirement
Manager 3 1 1 3 affiliates
Sr Manager 5 1 3 1 Manager/leg
Area Manager 7 1 3 1 Sr Manager/leg
Dist Manager 9 1 3 1 Area Manager/leg
Reg Manager 11 1 3 1 Dist Manager/leg
Nat Manager 13 1 3 1 Reg Manager/leg

Retail Commissions


Affiliates earn $80 commissions on sales that renew for a second month. If a signup quits in the first month, the Qualified Financial Consultants (QFCs) will earn $40.


Residual Retail Bonuses


  • 10 retail subs = $25 bonus
  • 25 retail subs = $75 bonus
  • 50 retail retail subs = $200 bonus
  • 100 retail retail subs = $500 bonus


Coded Bonuses For Retail Sales
Every sale of a retail Financial subscription creates a coded bonus of $8.


The amount paid is determined by rank as follows:


Managers – up to $0.25
Senior Managers – up to $0.5
Area Managers – up to $3.50
District Managers – up to $4.50
Regional Managers – up to $5.50
National Managers – up to $8


Customer Points


To advance up the ranks and receive maximum commissions, Qualified Financial Consultants (QFCs) will need to accumulate Customer Points.


2 Points are made when you as an Qualified Financial Consultant (QFC) first purchases Financial Edge.


2 Points are made whenever you sell a Financial Edge subscription to anyone retail or QFC.


1 Point is made every time the QFC renews the Financial Edge subscription for the month.


Momentum Bonus (Fast Start)


$150 Bonus – get 3 Qualified Financial Consultants (QFCs) within your first 30 days.


$450 Bonus – get 3 Qualified Financial Consultants (QFCs) who get 3 QFCs within your first 60 days.


$900 Bonus – get 3 Qualified Financial Consultants (QFCs) who get 3 QFCs who get 3 QFCs within your first 90 days.


Expansion Bonus


Whenever a personally recruited affiliate becomes a QFC within 30 days the referring affiliate gets a $25 Bonus.


Leadership Expansion Bonus


You also get bonuses whenever a personally recruited affiliate in your downline becomes a QFC within 30 days.


Sponsor gets $25,Manager gets $10, Senior gets $20, Area gets $45, District gets $55 ,Regional gets $65 , National gets $75


Daily Guarantee Commissions
This daily bonus is based on GCP. GCP is Customer Points generated by the affiliate and the affiliates personal signups.

9 GCP = $5 a daily
36 GCP = $20 a daily
150 GCP = $30 a daily
300 GCP = $50 a daily
550 GCP = $100 a daily
1100 GCP = $150 a daily
1750 GCP = $200 a daily
2750 GCP = $300 a daily
4250 GCP = $500 a daily
9250 GCP = $1000 a daily

Check Match Bonus
Affiliates earn a 25% match bonus on the residual comms earned by personally recruited QCPs. The match does not include the Daily Guarantee comms.

Presidential Bonus

Any affiliate ranked Area Manager or above stands to recieve a presidential bonus based on GCP points.

225 GCP/month = $500 bonus
750 GCP/month = $1000 bonus
1750 GCP/month = $2500 bonus
3750 GCP/month = $5000 bonus
7500 GCP/month = $10,000 bonus
11,250 GCP/month = $15,000 bonus
18,750 GCP/month = $25,000 bonus
37,500 GCP/month = $50,000 bonus
75,000 GCP/month = $100,000 bonus

This Bonus also attracts a A 50% match bonus of it’s own.

Half (25%) is paid to the first qualified affiliate. The other half (25%) is paid to the first qualified affiliate in the upline of a higher rank.

Car Bonus
This is available to anybody ranked Senior Manager or above:

$500 Car Bonus – Senior Manager with 100 GCP/month
$1250 Car Bonus – Area Manager with 500 GCP/month
$3000 Car Bonus – District Manager with 1750 GCP/month

What I Like About MWR Financial

You Say Boring….I say stable and Legit Opportunity

A lot of people would say this program is boring and doesn’t promise fast money. These some people are locked in a cycle of constant failure online. To make big money, you need a product that is legal and offers real value to customers. Then you just need to put in some time or effort and you will be heavily rewarded. Forget the stooges that chase crypto ponzis, the real money is in rock solid programs like this!

Great Compensation Plan

Firstly it’s customer focus makes this a compliant program so you can really dig your heals in. Once you do that you will start to see a slowly building residual income, that just keeps growing year after year.

Competitive Retail Product.

People need financial services and $79 per month is right in the ball park in terms of pricing. This means you won’t feel guilty signing people up because it’s good and you can rest assured that this compliant program will be here for the long term.

What I dislike about MWR Financial

You Will Need To Work VERY Hard To Succeed

You would have a much easier time finding gullible newbies to join the latest Crypto ponzi promising 500% returns. The fact that such programs are built on lies, doesn’t seem to matter, people join these scams in droves. They are so easy to promote.

What you need to realize is that the easy sign ups will struggle to make $100 per month even if they join a shiny ponzi. They were never going to make it anyway.

With a legit program like MWR Financial, you will miss out on some small short term commissions because the gullible ponzi chasers will turn there noses at a program like MWR. It will seem “hard” and “boring” to that crowd. That is a good thing because you don’t want those people really because they will never build any long term wealth for you. They just hit quit and join the next scam, never getting anywhere at all.

MWR Financial allows you to miss the time wasters and slowly build a team of strong affiliates that will build you a life changing income. Who cares about the easy short term commissions. You will be far ahead in the long term if you pick a stable program like MWR Financial. Pretty solid praise considering I am not even an affiliate!

The Real Deal With MWR Financial

Solid and compliant with a useful retail service. These types of programs let you win in the long term.