Monat Review: The Hair Product Company That May Destroy Your Hair

monat reviews

Monat Reviews: Is it a Scam or Can I Actually Make Money

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Along with tips and overall thoughts and feelings about Monat so yeah let’s get started.

It’s been a crazy eight months you guys I can’t believe that I have been using these products for eight months and still I’m not 100% happy with the results.

So at this point, I think it’s safe to say that I am pretty much done with Monat. I’m not going to be purchasing any more Monat products.

So, I’m going to be going over all of the pros and all of the cons of using Monat all the things that I’ve noticed over the last eight months.

So I took a bunch of notes for you guys I literally wrote everything out point by point by point.

I have literally been testing this product for eight months.

Alright, so let’s get started so I’m going to first start off with pros I think I started off with cons last time.

So Pro number one your hair is very shiny and looks healthy without a doubt.

I am not going to sit here and lie and say that Monat ruined my hair and Monat did all this it didn’t ruin my hair my hair looks good feels good but the detox is what got me. So pretty much you can see the shine in my hair. Of course this is probably not the best day to film considering I went to the salon today.

But even before you guys can see how shiny my hair is and how healthy it looks.

Now when I have second-day old hair or third-day old hair my hair looks terrible

My hair only looks good on the first day that I use Monat like I’m saying like the first wash.

Okay so Pro number two my hair is soft and I put on here on good days when I’m having a good hair day my hair is extremely soft and it just overall has really good manageability to it.

Pro number three is that I love the revitalized conditioner I totally love this conditioner so much it goes a long way.

It lasts for probably I would say two to three months if you go a little bit at a time and add water to it.

So what I usually do is I just squeeze out a dime-sized amount add water to it run it through my hands put it all through my ends and then I go in a second time a dab.

Add water run it through my scalp my hair is pretty hydrated sometimes when I’m having really dry hair days I do add extra conditioner.

But I do think that this conditioner may not 100% rinse out I think it might get stuck where the detox is and then it kind of has some like buildup.

I don’t know but I’m considering using this conditioner with another like not drugstore shampoo but a salon-quality sulfate free color safe shampoo. I don’t know what shampoo I’m going to be moving on to.

But I do think that this is definitely a win for me I really do like this conditioner and I think that the fact that it goes a long way says a lot about the product so I don’t know that’s just how I feel about it.

My fourth Pro is the rejuvenating oil I love this oil it is so good comes like with a little dropper. I’m sure you guys have seen it before; it’s great I think it adds shine to your hair makes your hair healthy make sure hair smell good.

It doesn’t make your hair over oily if that makes any sense it’s almost kind of like your scalp just like drinks up the oil that’s what I notice when I put it in I rub it through my scalp.

And what I mean I rub it through my scalp I mean like barely anything on my hands like I will take a drop and I will run it through my ends and I will take whatever is left on my hands and run it through my scalp I do not take you know oil and then put it in my scalp.

That is not what I do my hair is way too oily naturally for me to just put straight up oil through my hair this stuff is great.

I mean I think that this is their best selling product in my opinion or the product that they could sell people on the most. It has so many different oils from so many different plant-based things.

So, in my opinion, the two things that I would recommend would be the definitely the rejuvenate oil and the conditioner these are my two favorites and everything else I think is crap, to be honest with you.

I mean I’ve used it for eight months I feel like I could sit here and tell you guys the truth. Everything else I don’t like these two things I love.

Okay so I have two things for me that are kind of pros like they’re kind of like good not great so the first thing is Monat holds color okay.

It would probably hold even better if I didn’t have to wash it as often so as you guys can see my hair color has pretty much stayed the same it hasn’t really faded that much.

It has been eight weeks since I last dyed my hair so for me personally the color lasting is okay I think it could have been better like if I went two or three days without washing my hair.

The color would have stayed a lot better than me washing every other day. So that’s just something to think about but I think for the most part it’s okay with colored hair.

So the second of kind of pro is hair growth is present but I noticed it isn’t as prevalent like the first few months. So the first few months I was using Monet I was noticing that my hair was growing a lot like really fast.

I was getting all these baby hairs everywhere baby hair, baby hair, baby hair and then after all these months I’ve noticed that the hair growth isn’t as much.

I mean I definitely think my hair was growing for sure because my hair grew probably two inches over the last eight months the hair was growing I’m not going to lie my hair was growing but it wasn’t growing as fast as Monat claims that’s what I’m trying to say they put these pictures up on the internet on Instagram whatever like showing baldness and then they put pictures like four or six weeks later with the bald spot with like a ton of hair in it.

No it’s not that dramatic it’s not that fast you will have baby hair growth but it’s not going to be crazy results like they put in the pictures so just be aware of that all right.

So let’s move into the cons I have nine cons.

l see this coming I still have detox.

It is insane it is ridiculous I don’t understand why I still have detox I’m frustrated I even got this thing up at Walmart it is basically like a little shampoo scrubber like you put this on your hand like this and it kind of helps you get the soap in there and scrub your scalp and kind of just try to get like I don’t know your hair clean supposedly it’s good for like stimulation as well for hair growth.

And by the way this thing was like 2 bucks at Walmart this didn’t even work it didn’t even get all the detox out.

I figured maybe I wasn’t scrubbing hard enough like in my scalp area I figured maybe I was using too much product.

I mean you guys know you’ve watched all of my Monat videos probably at this point and if you haven’t I suggest you do so you guys can get perspective on where I’m coming from.

But at this point it’s kind of ridiculous that I’m having detox at 8 months. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody on the internet at least having detox for 8 months.

I mean all the market partners out there say oh wait it out it’s gonna go away I promise just keep using the right system just keep using the right products just keep high spirits.

Use baking powder, use apple cider vinegar use this use that nothing works guys nothing works.

Like the detox is still there I’m a special case, I know I’m a special case no one else has detox like I did.

I don’t know it’s just it’s crazy to me I think it’s ridiculous and that is the number one reason why I want to no longer use Monat is because of the detox.

I should not have to suffer with a greasy patch on the back of my head for any reason. I mean it’s just stupid why would I wash my hair every day just for it to feel dirty it doesn’t make any sense.

I’m over it I’m done yeah anyways okay you guys already know how I feel about the detox. I don’t have to stay here and explain any longer.

Okay, so a con number two my hair is still shedding still falling out. Now yes I did go to the doctor and yes I am getting blood work done.

So I like I know I said in all the videos I don’t know what’s going on with me I went to the doctor she ordered blood work for me she said you know we’re gonna figure out if you have thyroid problems or maybe you’re anemic or something like that and maybe we’ll figure out why your hair is falling out.

The hair falling out the shedding a lot of people say that Monat is making their hair fall out.

So I don’t know if it’s a personal thing if it’s a health problem of mine or if it is a detox symptom that everyone is experiencing.

So that is something that I know that I have definitely experienced hair loss and shedding.

That’s something that you might want to consider if you’re going to continue using these products is your hair going to keep falling out is it worth it to keep using Monat and having the shedding process continue I don’t know something you got to think about.

So con number three my hair gets tangled easier and I’m experiencing a lot of knots.

You guys I have been experiencing the worst tangled, knotty hair I have ever experienced in my life.

You know a cause of having long hair your hair gets tangled I accept that but these knots are not because I have long hair. It’s because my hair is like stringy and it doesn’t feel good.

So it’s getting all tangled into each other I even took a picture of one of the knots that I pulled out of my hair the other day it was literally this long and full of a bunch of my hair.

I’m sorry but I’m not trying to get knots like constantly 24/7 because my hair is not clean I mean look at this I can run my fingers through my hair this is what the salon stuff.

Like seriously I cannot do that I want to have Monique like I can’t I can’t do that and that’s just sad I want to be able to run my fingers through my hair. I mean maybe if you don’t have long hair then maybe you won’t have tangles and knots like I do.

So that was a con for me that might not necessarily be a con for you but for me that was a major con.

Okay so number four Monet shampoo does not work well with any other products.

Without a doubt Monat does not play well with any other hair products they only like Monat products basically you have to buy all the Monat products.

The dry shampoo the hairspray, the leave-in conditioner, the mask, the oil everything in order for your hair to be at its best potential.

Now is that something that you personally would like to sacrifice to use Monat you want to give up your favorite dry shampoo.

You want to give up your favorite hairspray your favorite hair mask no like that kind of sucks why do you want to give up all your favorite stuff or your Holy Grail items for these Monat products that don’t even really work that well.

I don’t know so okay con number five you have to shampoo three to four times even scrubbing the scalp just to get somewhat of a clean hair result.

So I already talked about this in my very first point about the detox you have to literally sit there and scrub your scalp and your hair for it to feel clean.

It’s time-consuming it’s honestly my arms get tired because I’m sitting there like washing my hair because sometimes I have to wash my hair like three times just for my hair to get clean.

It’s exhausting I don’t want to be in the shower for that long it’s just stupid.

So con number six it’s expensive hands down these are very expensive hair products if you’re not a VIP member.

If you sign up to be a VIP member you can also you know get some discounts on these products for a VIP price.

Some people like myself don’t want to sign up to be a VIP like I just want to be able to go in buy the products get out that’s all I want to do I don’t want to sign up for anything.

I don’t want to pay for anything it’s expensive without a doubt. So that’s something for you to take into consideration.

So I just want to let you guys know that I have made a total of nine Monat orders since February of 2017 and I have spent a total of $778.18 on Monat products.

That is ridiculous I’m sorry that’s a lot of money over eight months to be spending on hair products. I’m trying not to, I’m trying to convince myself it wasn’t a waste of money.

Con number seven um inconsistent results one day your hair is great two days later your hair can feel completely worse.

I have to say that there were days when I thought that detox was gone I thought that I had made it through and then two days later.

I went to go wash my hair get out of the shower and the detox was back it’s very inconsistent.

You’ll have a good hair day bad hair day for like a week. Good hair day for two days I don’t like inconsistent results I want to know that if I’m buying a product that it’s going to give me the consistent result that I want.

I mean is that too much to ask for I don’t know. Alright, so number eight I personally can’t go a couple of days without washing my hair because I have such a greasy scalp.

Now that is kind of a personal problem I guess you could say because I have an oily scalp but at the same time when I was using pure ology.

I could go like three days without washing my hair because my hair was pretty clean with these products and the detox your hair feels dirty.

I can’t go more than one day without washing my hair it really sucks to have greasy hair and yes I know Monat sells the dry shampoo trust me I know and all of you guys have told me to try it.

I just can’t bring myself to try their dry shampoo I just refused.

Con number nine, this is the very last Khan hair sometimes feels very dry which is odd because the scalp is greasy and the ends are dry.

So basically in my opinion I would call this like bipolar hair like your top is greasy and the bottom is dry what the heck.

I don’t understand I don’t get it so I would go through periods where the detox was so bad and my hair was so greasy the ends were just wild crazy dry and it was just a hot mess.

It didn’t look good it did not look good at all it just looked like I was like slick oil through here and then just like frizz.

Alright, guys so that concludes pros and cons. I hope you found this helpful