It Works Reviews: The One Weight Loss Company That Will Rip You Off

it works reviews

It Works! is a skincare and nutrition company in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry.


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The company’s founders came up with a plan – multilevel marketing plan and the company began with its flagship body contouring product: The Ultimate Body Applicator.

Furthermore, the company expanded its offerings to include a full line of premium nutritional and anti-aging supplements designed to help consumers lose weight and stay healthy.

They have a big range of products including: body wraps, keto coffee, health supplements and essential oils.

There are only three real reasons you’re looking for a review on It Works!

Either you’re looking for a business opportunity, you’re looking for a great weight loss product or you’re looking for both.

The Good

  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Commissions, Bonuses, and Discounts
  • Gives Back Foundation

Low Upfront Costs

The cost to join It Works! as an independent distributor is $99 for a business starter kit, which includes a box of four wraps, marketing materials, business cards, and catalogs.

Independent distributors also receive online training, access to a personal mentor, a free customized website for 30 days, and personal development coaching.

Because there are an upfront cost and BV minimum for each month, independent distributors must have adequate time and money to begin earning commissions from It Works!

Commissions, Bonuses, and Discounts

It Works! offers multiple layers of commission, bonuses, and incentives as part of a compensation plan.

Distributors can earn 50 percent commissions on product sales for cash and carry items.

Performance bonuses and downline commissions are also available.

Downline commissions range between 2 and 10 percent of the product sales made by team members.

Distributors can move recruited distributors and sales volume to any one of their team members to build a stronger organization overall.

Distributors can purchase products at discounted prices for personal use with the loyal customer discount.

This reward is earned every time a distributor signs up two loyal customers.

To earn you must be a Qualified Affiliate by enabling the 80 BV auto ship and accumulate 400 Personal Business Volume (PBV).

PBV comes from your personal purchases plus those made to Retail customers plus those made by Loyal Customers.

A loyal customer has signed up for a 3 month auto ship.

Qualified Affiliates are eligible to participate in the Compensation Plan.

Gives Back Foundation

Working for and selling products of It Works! means clients and customers become apart of the foundation.

The It Works! Foundation was founded in 2014 and focused on the following causes: Pediatric Cancer Research and Family Support, Humanitarian Aid, Anti-Human Trafficking, International Crisis Response, Veterans Support, Homeless Outreach, and Community Support.

Today, the It Works! Foundation is focusing its efforts on bringing awareness to The Payton Wright Foundation, The V Foundation, Children’s Cup, Selah Freedom, Samaritan’s Purse and The Gary Sinise Foundation.

The company encourages friends and family to come together and give back.

Every year for a week, each team is invited to find ways to give back to their communities.

The Bad

  • Product
  • Low Earning Potential
  • Lack of Scientific Evidence
  • Unclear Training Details
  • Negative It Works! Reviews


It Works! is primarily known for selling its body wraps called the It Works! fab wrap, which helps people firm and tone skin, shaving off that extra fat.

The fab wrap reportedly decreases the amount of cellulite and water weight from the body.

The company also features a number of nutritional supplements designed to curb appetite, promote healthy skin, and accelerate nail and hair growth.

From its conception with The Ultimate Body Applicator, the company leaders have been passionate about the use of safe, natural ingredients.

Subsequently, all of the company’s products are natural and botanically-based.

It Works! Strives to help people change their lives physically, by helping people change their eating habits, and financially, by providing an affordable natural product.

The Infamous Body Wraps

The key to really making a splash is to offer a product that is unique to the market place.

The It Works Body wraps did just that.

People thought that this product was the answer to their elusive weight loss dreams.

It’s pretty clever when you think about it because anybody watching the scales will register a reduction in “weight” if they regularly wrap themselves up with the It Works wraps.

The problem is that the effects are not real weight loss.

The wraps cause you to sweat and lose water so unless you are trying to make the welterweight division for a boxing match, it’s completely pointless.

But of course everyone went crazy and bought rolls of the stuff!

The Body Wraps Are Misleading

Some people think that weight loss equals fat loss.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Have you ever seen boxers tried to make the weight limits before a fight.

They reduce fluid in take, wrap themselves in plastic and sweat it out in the sauna.

Then on fight day their weight bounces back like magic.

It’s just water!

So millions of people are trying to lose weight with these It works body wraps but they are just sweating out water.

Its stupid and best and dangerous at worse.

Who Cares About Keto Coffee.

I always see people talking about amazing products that will induce ketosis and I think, what’s the big deal.

Your body goes into ketosis if you starve it off carbohydrates.

What exactly is the point of drinking coffee with butter?

If you skip the cheerios for breakfast and eliminate sugar you will get the same effect.

People just want to consume “miracle products”.

Putting butter in your coffee is not really smart.

Butter is a leading cause of heart disease.

It’s about now the keto coffee fans say ” but its butter from grass fed cows”!

Ok, I will admit that “grass fed butter” is slightly better but how about NOT drinking melted butter in the morning!

Stick to ketosis by all means, but if you are chugging melted butter in the morning, you really need to rethink your life.

At the very least, tell your doctor what you are doing!

Keto Coffee Can Spike Your Cholesterol

It takes time for fad diets to get tested by the medical community. That’s because companies can make money with or without a scientific backing.

We really don’t know what is going to happen to people chugging melted butter with their coffee. Preliminary findings suggest it could increase the risk of heart attacks


I think the It Works product line is terrible. Body wraps are the dumbest way to lose weigh on the planet. Keto Coffee is going to give you a heart attack.

Low Earning Potential

It Works! relies heavily on social media and word-of-mouth marketing. The average It Works! consultant earns less than $300 each month.

In addition, distributors must maintain a monthly minimum of 80 BV (bonus volume) auto ship in order to be eligible to receive commissions.

This equates to approximately $112 in product purchases.

It should be noted, however, that if a distributor already has 150 BV in personal sales, the 80 BV minimum no longer applies.

While being an It Works! independent distributor may help bring in some extra cash; it can be challenging to make it as a full-time job.

The vast majority of distributors only make a passive income.

Lack of Scientific Evidence

It Works! has provided no scientific evidence to back up the health benefit claims it has made about its products.

Further, the Food and Drug Administration warns consumers that using body wraps, like the Fab Wrap, for contouring can be dangerous.

Users must drink half of their body weight in ounces of water for three days after wrap use in order to achieve results.

For example, a 200-pound person would have to drink 100 ounces of water each day for three days.

Unclear Training Material

It Works! does not provide much detail of the company’s training programs on its website, specifically in regards to the training the company offers its independent distributors.

Statistically, individuals without experience in sales or network marketing struggle in the multi-level marketing businesses and would benefit from knowing that the company has a transparent training program.

It Works! Does provide some social media training, but it does not explicitly list what is taught.

These individuals may choose to pursue additional training on their own or consider other opportunities with other MLM companies.

Negative It Works! Reviews

Though the company does have a decent amount of positive reviews, those are mostly from distributors who sell the product.

The negative reviews are largely from customers but do include a few negative distributor reviews.

So if you are a potential It Works! distributor, we recommend you pay attention to what customers are saying about It Works! products and how the company manages its online reputation.

Aside from issues with overcharging on products not bought and other customer service issues, user reviews have detailed problems with the products themselves.

A few customers even go as far as to say that the skin care products and ingredients aren’t natural, as is reported by It Works!

One common complaint from distributors is the fact that distributors cannot cancel auto ship.

So distributors are being charged and can’t get their money back until after they send the have shipped products back.

The concerns with the company’s auto ship cancellation policy are alarming.

While these negative reviews are concerning, we recommend potential customers and distributors weigh them against the company’s positive reviews.

User reviews are important because they give potential distributors and customers are clearer picture into overall customer service quality and satisfaction.

They are also selling coffee with butter added to it. I have heard of other companies doing this and I must say, I am pretty skeptical to say the least.

Anyway, It works is founded by former high school teacher Mark B. Pentecost.

Apparently Mark Pentecost was onto something because he now has a hugely successful business on his hands.

I really want to see if these products actually work or if it’s just marketing BS.

I mean it wouldn’t be the first time a MLM company was shilling snake oil.

It Works has commissions for retail sales.

Compensation Plan:

Rank Requirements & Residual Income

Rank PBV Req Rank Req OR Sales Volume Resid Lvl 1 Resid Lvl 2 Resid Lvl 3 Resid Lvl 4 Resid Lvl 5 Resid Lvl 6+
Director 150 or $80 Autoship 10% 10%
Executive 150 or $80 Autoship 2 Qualified in Unilevel 10% 10% 5%
Ruby Executive 150 or $80 Autoship 3 Qualified in Unilevel, one Executive 10% 10% 5% 5%
Emerald Executive 150 or $80 Autoship 4 Qualified in Unilevel, one Ruby Executive $8,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%
Diamond 150 or $80 Autoship 5 Qualified in Unilevel, one Ruby, one Emerald Executive $10,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%
Double Diamond 150 or $80 Autoship 5 Qualified in Unilevel, one Emerald, one Diamond $25,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%
Triple Diamond 150 or $80 Autoship 5 Qualified in Unilevel, two Diamond, one Dbl Diamond $50,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%
Presidential Diamond 150 or $80 Autoship 5 Qualified in Unilevel, two diamond, one Dbl Diamond, one triple Diamond $100,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%
Ambassador Diamond 150 or $80 Autoship 5 Qualified in Unilevel, two DBL diamond, two Trpl Diamond, one Presidential $250,000 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 2%

Fast Start Commissions.

The Fast Start Bonus is a $100 cash bonus paid whenever newly qualified distributors are signed.

These new distributors must have signed up for the $80 autoship and have 2 Loyal Customers (signed up for 3 month autoship).

This must take place within the first 30 days.

The sponsor needs to be Fast Start Qualified by the purchase of a $199 Business Builder Kit or PBV of $500 and with two Loyal Customers also.

Generation Bonus

Affiliates can qualify for this by having Diamond members or higher in their organization.

This is paid on the PV of members having this rank or above and is paid down to 5 levels.

% Paid Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Diamond 2%
Double Diamond 2% 4%
Triple Diamond 2% 4% 2%
Presidential Diamond 2% 4% 2% 1%
Ambassador Diamond 2% 4% 2% 1% 1%

There is a 5% bonus if the distributors were personally recruited.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

This is paid to anyone ranked Emerald or above every time a Fast Start Qualified affiliated appears in their downline.

Fast Start Qualified  occurs with the purchase of a $199 Business Builder Kit or PBV of $500 and with two Loyal Customers also.

  • Diamond – $80
  • Double Diamond – $40
  • Triple Diamond – $15
  • Presidential Diamond – $10
  • Ambassador Diamond – $5

Car Bonus

When you have 60 loyal customers and you are generating 3000PV monthly, you get paid an extra $600 per month.

The Bottom Line

It Works! is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides a line of body wraps and nutritional supplements.

The business model for It Works! is to offer everyone the opportunity to improve their lives physically and financially.

The upfront cost to join the business opportunity is low, and distributors have the ability to earn commissions, bonuses, and discounts.

It Works! is an excellent option for stay-at-home moms/dads or for people looking for some extra income as it is a home-based business opportunity.

However, it is unclear what kind of training It Works! provides its distributors.

Additionally, most independent distributors earn less than $300 per month.

Network marketing companies are not for everyone, so be sure to look at all the details before deciding to join.

We interviewed a Distributor and here is her shocking review

Summary – This rep gets into an illegal pyramid scheme the it Works distributors were promoting, scary sad story.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it or heard about it and I just wanted to tell you my experiences with the company

oh my god this is just crazy maybe it could help someone I don’t know I’m going to take it back to last year 2017

So what happened was I joined something called “It Works”.

If you have not heard of that I’m pretty sure it’ll get to you sooner or later.

So, I was going to school and I already knew this would be my last semester I’m going to take a break because I have two kids and one income is just not cutting it for me.

You never know what could happen and what you might need money for.

I was somewhat desperate like I need to make money and I need to make it right now.

So, there’s this girl I’m not going to say any names because pretty sure she’s really a good person and all of that she joined It Works.

I saw it all over Facebook all over Instagram you know that she started and she started making money and doing all of this.

Looking into it when you see something where it’s like make $400 in a month or just using your phone, you’re just like wow you know you just want in you’re looking at those numbers.

And then you see she’s going to Japan and going to this and going to that and it’s like damn it really does work right like it works.

I’m so dumb because I’m in marketing and I should have known better but just wanted to try.

Before I even really get into this anything you do you do got to hustle hard obviously.

Anything in life you never know when you can make money one you can you just got to be in it all the way you got to put your heart and mind and soul into something when you join it right.

How they’re selling it off is that you want to get out of debt – you want to make money – you want to do your dreams.

See this isn’t in the first page works like debt free.

Basically, it’s like selling more of like you’re going to make money not the product.

I’m not going to say it’s a scam because I honestly have not tried all the products.

I haven’t even tried the wrapping because I was just like okay whatever.

Before I even joined and invested my money into it I did do a little research and I saw a red flag and these things are not cheap thirty five forty five dollars for something and it’s just like honey you know I don’t have the heart to like sell these things to people that know my word the honest truth.

So, I am NOT going to sell them something that is bad.

I’m not saying their products shit is I’m just saying a lot of their things is they’re very temporary fixes if you’re going to like help your body in any way you got to do it the right way.

There’s this one product where I’m like dude I knew I should have not done it but like I think it was called Fat Fighter says advanced formula Fat Fighter absorbs less fat and carbs and then I reduced cravings and stuff like that.

It’s funny how there’s pictures and images they’re advertising of people making things.

It says, “Eat pizza, cheeseburgers, drink soda and take your fat fighters.”

Honey you’re not going to lose weight like that. If it really worked like really worked like to the fullest don’t you think it would be more than 42 damn dollars.

The seller sometimes reuse the pictures from other people or like they just re-edit it.

When you do something that you kind of could tell that you don’t even know the product when they’re just really sending the same images and it’s getting recycled it’s kind of like sad.

Another thing was It Works that I didn’t really care for was that when you try to get in people like you want them to get into it to be a loyal customer or to join into because they’ll make money but the reason why I even tried to do it works is that I knew with my marketing skills I could sell it and make the images perfect to look like.

It really does work and that’s why I was saying I’m I was so like desperate for money that I was down to do that at a point.

When I paid for it, I was like freak what the hell did I get myself into I’m not going to do that.

I don’t want to take money from people like that. I rather just ask to borrow your fucking money and then give it back.

If you make someone a loyal customer, they would have to buy something for every month at a certain amount and yes, it’s a good deal technically right but I don’t want someone to get pulled into it for three other months and I just didn’t like that idea.

I know there’s no people that do it you know go ahead and try it out for yourself it might work and you let me know if the freaking works like crazy, but they’re all like temporary fixes.

I’m sorry if you are doing this.

I don’t know how to expand because I feel so bad because technically, I’m bashing the people who are trying to sell these things but I love their marketing, how they put everything it’s just really nice so of course it’s going to pull you in.

Okay the next one that I want to talk to you about is the money pool that you’ve been seeing all over social media I’m pretty sure you heard of it or you even buy into it and you probably got stuck.

So, I’m going to grab my phone and tell you exactly.

So, I saw this girl who is in Hawaii I believe I don’t even know her.

You know how you just follow like those moms on IG.

I saw that she was from Guam or her families from Guam I don’t know and you know I saw that she was doing this money pulled things she was like “You guys want proof?”

And showed like all these dollar $100 bills you know and I’m like oh what is this you know I’m interested I want to learn about it.

This is what she sends me “So it’s money pool $100 by and get you a gold block.”

But actually, she was doing a $50 one into $400 so that’s the one I saw because hell no am, I going to actually put another hundred dollars into something possibly could lose.

She sends me this thing she’s like “Hey girl it’s a money pool you put $50 or whatever board you are in which buys you one of the bottom eight slots.

The bottom eight slots will then pay out the top slot.

Once the slot is cashed out the board splits right down the middle two new boards or pyramids are created and then the cycle repeats again.

The faster you and your board get people to join the faster you get at the top. You have to continuously get people on for this to work.

All you need is PayPal or whatever cash app whatever right.”

So, that’s what she sent me – she sent me the image that I just put right here and I saw that she made legit cash like I saw the cash in front of her so I’m like oh my god what is it.

This was like before legit everyone was like really getting into it, I probably only saw a two other people and these are people who have a freaking following.

Not to be mean but like I kind of blame them for getting everyone in Guam on this.

Not blame but like these people who work from Guam or are from Guam they have a following like and I’m pretty sure you know some of them and they’re one of those GU models like I already know them and I’m not trying to judge, but I’m just saying it’s just so sad because they flip their money probably three times.

So, they probably made over like $2,000 already.

I get how you’re taking a risk and it’s your fault for putting in the money.

I get that because when I first did it and I joined I was ready telling people you know like you know this could work if we just keep getting people and I really didn’t think someone’s going to get stuck like the people I brought in.

And so, when I first did it the slots filled up fast because like I said these girls these people guys and girls actually because I’m going to say names I really want to because oh my god just like argh but the slot filled in fast.

So, the faster you fill those slots the faster you move up and the faster you’ll get cashed out right.

So, what happened was I put in the $50 and then got Darrell into it too and the thing was that was like our wrong; we shouldn’t have done at the same time but it’s okay.

So, it moved up, move fast cashed out like two other people and then when it came to me and started to realize that oh my gosh someone could get stuck because if other people who joined in don’t pull their slack technically also you don’t have to put other people but it’s like if you want your money you’re going to have to like it and at least one or two people so that you move up faster.

We got stuck with people these rich ass guys I know they have money and I know they have a lot of friends.

They didn’t want to bring in people like they wouldn’t even respond until like they were the second level up.

I was like oh my god these a-holes like it’s so messed up, but it’s like argh.

So, that’s like the big problem you got to watch out who you’re in the pyramids with be careful.

I mean it really could work because Daryl when we got split into different boards, he was able to cash out.

He made his money, he made the $400 or whatever right and that’s why I was like oh my gosh okay so I’m okay if I don’t make money because my board kind of got stuck and we got four people in total- four of our friends into this and now right now we’re all stuck.

I made it to the top but I stopped accepting money.

Like I was like no like for my people like for my family and friends I was like unless I told them I was like okay we could do this I got help you do it I don’t even like keep posting it whatever even if I’m not on the board ever or making any profit.

But my heart hurt when I guess everyone on Guam started tripping out what everyone who are already doing it that people could get stuck because even on like the first day that I did it and the boards were moving fast I kind of felt bad and I had a scare and I freaking went to the other people these can you just pay back my friends like my people.

Two of the people were like down to do it but they’re like you know just try just try and I was like oh stupid me I shouldn’t have listened.

I should have just made them pay it back.

Before I even got people into it I legit told them it’s a gamble it’s a risk you never know.

I know like technically they got this themselves into it too but like I was the one that showed them the way and like you know gave them all the info.

But my heart just couldn’t handle it if they kept bringing in people too as well because I know they would feel bad if the people got stuck.

So, these are my tips if you were to get in this money pool shit because it could work.

Darrell had all girls of course they’re hustled in it to make their money back.

Don’t enter the money pool if legit one you don’t really like have a lot of people that will actually believe you.

If you know someone at the way top and you don’t know anyone else in the bottom don’t do it.

I would say try not to know the person who one is at the top and the second level try to get under like put your name under their name because if you know them and if you know they’ll hustle it like your board will move faster.

And try to bring in at least two people when you start like know someone who’s willing to do it and be down to do it.

If you know people and you get them on it and people see that you’re moving like they’ll get onto that fast because they want their money fast you know what I mean.

Then also a main thing is to put it everywhere like on your social media.

So, what I also did was sent it to the person- the girl that I started with and I even asked her for my money back little key and I was like you know it’s okay never mind I know I got myself into this because she sent me this big disclosure and this is something that probably went around to is the disclosure because technically it’s not her fault.

I know she don’t have to give me my money back but just like god damn your moral.

Big disclosure I don’t know if she wrote this or someone else.

Girl: Okay everyone needs to understand this that you’re not promised this amount of money.

Once you get to the top you are told that you get this this amount of money once you get to the top.

I have proven that nothing works so remember that you’re doing everything at your own risk.

No one is responsible if you do or do not make your money.

You have to work for your money and it’s not a handed to you.

It’s a team effort and a really good team effort but it does depend on you to make your money and how hard you have to.

Also do not just sit back and wait till your name gets to the top and not wait for the others that put in the work.

If you can’t get people to join this might not be for you.

So, once you cash out you might want to think twice before joining again.

So, that’s what she sent me and I was like oh great okay you know and I did feel bad for like the people that I got in.

So, what I did I gave a whole like a day and a half to the people that weren’t like bringing in people because how I did it was, I put the names of who was like joining in and they brought them in to.

I put them under them so that if the board gets that they’ll help each other you know what I mean.

I split my boards already at the top and I was like “Dude I don’t even want anyone’s money like I’m already done.”

So, I split the board and I told my people hey let’s just make it into a 20 into $80.00 board.

Another thing is what I did is I cancelled all the eight slots on the bottom like I erased it and I just made it so that it would be four new slots so that it’ll move faster.

Oh my god bring informed new people is a good thing.

Another tip is trying to branch out to someone who is stay site or like someone who’s not in your area because more than likely they’ll have at least like four people who want to get onto it.

Honestly like you just got to really hustle in but also be truthful and explain to the people that you’re trying to bring in that like this is what could happen “Risk it for the biscuit honey.”

He did bring one of his friends in and I’m like oh and I feel bad because he brought in two people so I feel bad that we even brought all of them in and I’m trying to help them out as much as I can.

So, it’s just like learn from your mistakes and for everyone that said no that they didn’t want to join I’m glad you did it.

Another reason why I was like freaking out the first day when I was asking back for my money and all of that like because I was legit already about to cry because I got people into and I feel bad and there was no way to reimburse myself but I did try for you guys.

I’ll even show you my messages.

I’m sorry you know who you are.

What made me freak out was that I actually put it on Guam Grab saying, “Hey want to turn your money into $50 into 400 because at that time you know still doing that and this guy goes “That’s an illegal pyramid scheme.”

I was like [silence].

You know when you see ‘illegal’ you’re like whoa whoa what.

So, I was like freaking out and I googled it it doesn’t mean that it’s illegal enough you to like go to jail the next day.

I mean these money pools have been going on for years I’m pretty sure and it’s just that our generation right now finally saw this and got into it.

You know we all want to low-key make that extra cash fast.

I’m a mom and that’s why I jumped on it.

I regret doing it, but now you know lesson learned.

Now the problem is PayPal is being a little B…

I’m like dude how about if they started this money pool crap so that they could make money.

It’s just like awk.

Mom quits It Works! For several valid reasons

Summary – This mom quits because 50% of her customers complain the products don’t work and are overly priced. The compensation plan pays out so poorly. You need to spend 80$ each month or sales to be eligible for your commission. She’s burnt bridges and is tired of needing to contact strangers that don’t want to hear it

So I just wanted to talk to you guys quickly about why I left It Works Global.

It’s been almost three months now since I left and I just wanted to talk about a couple of reasons why I left I was actually a double diamond when I left.

The first reason why I decided to leave is because I really started to lose my passion for the products.

I had a lot of feedback that like negative feedback from my clients not all of them maybe 80% said the products didn’t work or and you know that’s a really hard thing.

What do you say to somebody when they tell you that kind of thing?

That’s a really hard thing to battle.

I just started losing my passion for the products and I do know that some of them worked because I got personal results so that’s why I stuck with it for as long as I did because I feel like they do work it’s just you know they do work differently for everybody depending on how you use them.

But it just really war started to wear on me.

So, another reason I left it works global is because of the cold messaging the cold messaging is really just sort of a brutal sales tactic nobody likes it, it is uncomfortable, it’s not fun it’s really just sort of rude and people really don’t like it.

I didn’t even realize that it was terrible until I left It Works and then I was like wow from an outsider perspective it’s really just an ugly thing.

So, another reason that I left is because I just felt like I was always having to convince people about the products I was constantly talking about you know just trying to convince them and just tell them these two products do work you have to try it.

It was it was never easy it was just always like a battle and I mean it’s just not fun.

Another reason I left was because of the auto-ship.

There is an auto-ship you do have to run as a distributor it’s either an 80-business volume or bonus volume which is pretty much 80 to 100 dollars month or you have to sell $400 in product.

If you’re having a slow month or you don’t meet that 400 then in order to get paid to be commissioned qualified you do have to get that;

you’d have to run that 80 BV auto-ship.

That was wearing on me a lot especially when you first get started you need to do that right away and that’s not something that you can just not do or you’re not going to get a paycheck.

And especially if you already have product and you don’t need any more product but you have to run that 80 BV auto-ship that’s money coming out of your pocket.

I mean that was rough for my family.

Another problem that I that I had was the loyal customer program.

I do see the good side to it because I think it is a good program, but at the same time I did have a lot of issue with the fact that people had to be locked into the three months.

It didn’t really give people a chance to just sort of test the waters and you know I understand the reason behind it but it was another battle people didn’t like that three months and then some people you know they tried something in one month and then they didn’t want to try anything else and then what you’re battling with them to either to continue to try something else give it a little bit more time it just was another battle and it didn’t sit right.

Another reason that I left is because of the Commission it’s only 10%;

10% is crazy.

I mean its ten percent but you know if you go to the store and they say here’s a 10% coupon you’re just like okay thanks you know like it’s better than nothing.

Ten percent is not a lot, it’s not a lot especially for the work that you put out ten percent is not a lot;

it’s not enough.

Another reason that I left was the return policy.

There is not necessarily your money back guarantee they say on the website that the products work differently for everybody and so there’s not a money-back guarantee.

I mean I understand you know because especially with weight loss stuff if you’re not you’re not taking it correctly or not drinking the water you’re not being consistent that kind of stuff then it might not work for you, but it doesn’t give people a chance people that really do you know do it correctly and follow the rules or follow the directions and it doesn’t work it doesn’t give them any sort of comfort.

When they’re buying something, I mean people want to know hey I can bring this back if it doesn’t work okay.

Like that feels good.

Guys at the end of the day I just was not able to support my family with It Works and that was the biggest reason.

This is my own personal experience my own personal opinion this is just what I went through myself so I can’t speak for anybody else.

I don’t think it’s a terrible company it’s just that it wasn’t right for me and so I had to move on.

You just have to be honest with yourself and you have to be truthful and follow your heart so that’s what I did.

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys and so I hope that helped.