Isagenix Reviews: Looking to Lose Weight, We’ve Got Some Insight For You

isagenix reviews

Isagenix Reviews That Will Definitely Change Your Mind About Joining

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I’ve been in 6 different MLMs yet I did all they told me to, fill a house with 50 people all my team yet I didn’t see a penny.

The scamming needs to stop. It’s not fair that people can sell a dream so we’ll to get you to spend tons of money on a business they know you have 99% chance of failing and only 1% change to break even or make a profit.

They should sell the dream AFTER qualifying each individual.

You found this blog post because you probably heard about this business from a friend or family member that’s pushing you join in the hopes to grow their team.

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Statistics state in Multi-level marketing

  • 99% of people lose money and never see a profit
  • 95% of people quit WITHIN 10 years
  • Even the Top distributors at the top MLM (AMWAY) loose about $900 a year after factoring in operating expenses

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You’ll need to attend weekly in house meetings. You’ll need to buy their products to be eligible to make a commission that you already aren’t making. If you have a family like me, you don’t have time or money to waste.

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I’m writing reviews on as many mlms as possible to save people. When I say “save people” I mean help them see through the “get rich” part of MLM. I never said they were a scam but…the way it’s advertised may make your mind cloudy when it comes to making a business decision for you or your family. The promoters are good at selling you a dream..that’s their job to keep everyone motivated.

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Interview with Andrew W. and why he quit

Its been nearly three months or just over three months since I started Isagenix.

And I wanted to do an update because some of you have been asking for one, plus there have been a few things that have happened along my journey and maybe it will help other people if they know that other people have been through the same situation and come up with some solutions to the issues that I found when I have done the Isagenix program.

I’m still doing it but at the moment I’m kind of on one shake a day and then the rest meals.

So I will let you know how I have done I took my first month of the Isagenix and everything was fine after about a month.

I got my new shipment and I switched my chocolate for the vanilla and when I started doing that my body kind of I don’t know why but my body started getting, my stomach was a bit sore getting cramps a little bit more than with the chocolate shake.

So I just kept going and I would do like and half another half chocolate see how the how that went because I had two canisters of vanilla.

So I wanted to use it up but then after a few more weeks my body was just completely like little bit crazy and I was getting really loose stools I was getting bad cramps I was in a lot of pain and I was thinking oh my goodness I’m just going to completely stop doing it all together.

But I just looked a bit closer at the things that I was putting into my body this is where you really need to listen to what’s going on with your body and really see what and works for you.

So anyway I was taking the iso flash like you’re supposed to do twice a day higher magnesium and there is what actually flushes your system out.

So I decided I’d stop that because I was getting quite bad diarrhea.

Like every day and therefore your bodies my body wasn’t kind of keeping the good nutrients in and I was feeling really crap.

So anyway I completely stopped the eye so flash I just wanted to stop it see how it went after I stopped basically all that stopped completely so now I don’t take my iso flush at all only we know really feel like I need it and I’m kind of bit clogged up and you know that kind of thing.

So that helped me immensely, so I keep taking my shakes now and its fine.

So I decided to go dairy-free after that because I think my body was taking too much whey and so I was just completely doing the dairy free chocolate.

The taste isn’t as good but my body wasn’t getting really bad cramps anymore then I had a talk with my coach and she said well maybe you can try half dairy, half dairy free and see how that goes and see if it actually goes back to having issues or not and just test it.

So I started having my dairy-free half sachet plus half one scoop of chocolate and it was completely fine and I was okay I’ll just to keep doing this.

I didn’t really want to try the vanilla again because I was so scared that it would go back to cramping and everything but then I tried one scoop vanilla half dairy-free and it’s completely fine.

It’s been absolutely perfect so and I actually prefer the vanilla and the dairy-free together because it tastes a bit like a chai rather than just full chocolate so that’s great.

In terms of my measurements now I went to the gym yesterday and I started at 56 and a half when I started in June.

I am down to 52.

9 and that’s not been going to shake today now I’m maintaining and I’m doing one shake a day.

I haven’t really been doing that cleans days just because of all the things that my body’s been going through.

But if I feel like I need to lose more weight you know I can start my clean days again and my neck I’ve lost four centimeters this is down to the nitty-gritty my neck.

My arms I’ve gone down four centimeters yes which is my problem area.

I used to have like a lot more fat hanging down and hated it and goings I’ve gone from 76 to 69 on my waist.

So that is 7 centimeters which are amazing.

Hips going down 5 centimeters, thighs have gone down 3 centimeters on both sides and my calves have gone down too.

So there’s a lot of loss in my measurements there as well and it’s not just about that I’ve also gained muscle.

So yeah I’ve been there I’ve been trying a lot of the other products just in the meantime so I have tried the whey thin switch are like a fresco that cracker these are quite thick.

So I didn’t really I mean I’ll finish the packet but I won’t probably buy them again so they’re okay they’re just quite thick like and they’re still made from the same stuff whey protein.

So I think I’m just taking too much of that in and then I also tried this slim cakes now these are really nice they just taste like an oat a berry oat a skittle cookie whatever you called them and which I really like and I’ll order those again definitely.

They are only like a hundred calories, so you can have them on your cleans days which is great.

Then I have the iso greens and in a packet, you get 30 of these sachets and it’s basically all your fruit and vegetables that you can mix into water.

And I don’t know you can buy these sort of similar things green stuff at the

from that and I’ve tried some of them they taste very similar.

So I think it’s like a tropical kind of flavor and I prefer it in orange juice rather than water.

And then I tried the ageless actors and they were you like an anti-aging kind of pill.

Like a brown pill and you’re supposed to take two of these in the morning and 2 at night.

And I was only taking like one in the morning one at night but I don’t know if they had much of an effect but the isogenisis was on sale.

The complete essentials this packet here for women and normally this would be like 200 plus New Zealand dollars for a packet which is a month’s worth.

So that’s really expensive but they were down 40% off so I decided to try them and they come in two little packets one for the morning one at night and they’re labeled like this.

And they come with the same they come with that they just add those and here your normal supply.

Plus C omega you get and in the telomere support yeah so they come with lots of things in there and I think they’re going well I haven’t really been doing it for very long so I’d have to get back to you on that.

And then the E shot which is like an energy drink which doesn’t taste like an energy drink it tastes a bit more like raspberry medicine and I mean the only a tiny bottle.

So you can just throw them back but the taste isn’t great but I guess they work.

My Opinion

I’m going to give you a review of Isagenix very well-known company.
And basically, Isagenix is a well-established MLM company.

It started in 2002 and they sell weight-loss products but also products that help with improved energy and other health benefits.

And you can basically make money through selling the products in a retail basis as well as recruiting people into your down line.

Okay, which is how all MLM companies work and I’ll explain about that in the sec.

But basically, there are two ways of making the money there’s the recruiting and the making money on the retail side.

And you know they have a long line of products and all that sort of stuff now you know you may be wondering if it’s legitimate okay.

Isagenix is it’s a very well-established company okay it’s not a scam or anything like that like I’ll explain in a second.

But one of the main problems I’ve seen with companies like Isagenix another company similar to this is that you’re not given the proper training to actually go out there and market.

Instead, you’re told to hassle friends and family make your warm market list and those tactics are fine for the first couple of months.

But what I see with a lot of people is that you know once they’ve run out of people to talk to their kind of left in the dark and the business isn’t as rosy as it looks.

So stay tuned because later on, I’ll tell you a little bit about how I can help you with you know generating more leads for Isagenix or whatever you’re doing and then how you can get around that.

Because there is a large failure rate to 90 to 98 failure rate in the industry.

So hopefully I can help you with that so here’s their logo very nice branding and very well established and it looks good.

Now like I said before you know there is a large failure rate in the industry a lot of times people ask is the business a scam.

You know is Isagenix scam you might see a lot of things on message boards I’ve seen a lot of stuff about this and I want to set the record straight here that the business is not a scam okay.

And now I don’t recommend using old-school prospecting I don’t recommend pounding the pavement or trying to recruit your friends and family because that can damage a lot of relationships and it’s only really a short-term strategy anyway.

But the business isn’t a scam and a scam is when you give money to something and no money is given back in return.

No money is giving back and return it could be fraud or something like that but this is not that okay it’s a legitimate business opportunity it’s made a lot of millionaires.

But the point is that there’s a reason that the 97 to 98 percent fell and that is because of a limited marketing strategy.

So it’s not a scam but you will be told to spend on the pavement strategies.

Now if you really do want to succeed with Isagenix or any other business opportunity what I’m going to recommend is that you learn how to market and I’ll show you a little bit about that in a sec.

First of all, I want to give a summary of the business okay.

The good signs are that you’ve got good products of great health benefits okay.

So those are the good sides you’ve got good products of great health benefits.

The company is also very well established the downsides are and I’ll tell you about the single banner blindness.

But basically I’ve noticed up with a lot of these companies including Isagenix there isn’t the proper training to go out there and generate leads on the internet and to be honest without this it’s very, very difficult to succeed.

Because you know offline marketing recruiting friends and family prospecting at the shopping mall and those tactics are very, very limited and they stop working when you stop working.

So I’m a bit surprised that they don’t give this kind of training and more readily available.
And that it’s not cutting edge either and the second thing is saturation when you’ve got everyone else promoting the same thing you have something called banner blindness.

And this is when people don’t even stop to look at your marketing message okay because they’ve seen it before and absolutely thousands and thousands of people are promoting Isagenix.

So what I’m going to recommend to you in just the sec is to basically brand yourself on the front end.
So that people do take notice of your message and then on the back end you can sponsor people into Isagenix.

I’ll show you this now this is what I do for my own business opportunity and it’s what I recommend you do if you’re promoting Isagenix or anything else.

Brand yourself first on the front end okay rather than Isagenix if you lead with the opportunity this is one of the number one mistakes newbies make.

Basically, if you lead of the opportunity there’s the thing called banner blindness.

People won’t stop to take a look at your marketing message because they’ve seen it before and they won’t see you as a leader and in case you don’t know the guy’s in this niche people only join leaders okay that’s basically how it works.

They join the leaders on stage or the people who are branding themselves as a leader.

So what I show you how to do my training that you’ll be able to get in just a sec for free.
I show you how to brand yourself on the front end and then have your business opportunity or your system on the back end.

So people see you as a leader and it’s a lot easier to sponsor people I show you how to do this basically in my ebook.

And basically, if you’re on my blog there should be a button to get this for free if you’re on YouTube there should be a link at the top to go to my blog and to get this for free.

But what it basically does is, I show you how to put this system in place for yourself and then it will give you a much better chance of success in network marketing.

Because I see a lot of people on Facebook they just hype in an out the business and no one really cares okay.

You need to brand yourself from the front end as a trusted adviser and then back end people into your opportunity after they know like and trust you.

So here’s a testimonial from Billy Huff one of my students from Nashville Tennessee and I think this testimonial actually from one of my video training series rather than the e-book.

But suffice to say it gives his testimony on here “hey Nick the courses great I was blown away of the SEO module it gave me a greater understanding of the way from works online I think the course as valuable I was engaged the whole time learned a few things about my website or some great tools to make everything a lot easier”.

I’m a real person I’m happy to chat to you about what you’re doing with Isagenix or any other business opportunity and I’m happy to help you generate traffic and lead similar to how I do so as well.

So I hope this has been useful and explaining all about the company how it works etcetera about the products it is a good business opportunity it’s very well established and you can do very well with it.

But I do recommend you learn how to market because there’s a 97 to 98 percent failure rate and in my humble opinion the reason for the 97 to 98 percent who fail is because they don’t learn how to market and they run out of people to talk to very early.