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My Honest Herbalife Reviews and why It is a scam

Herbalife is an MLM weight management company that offers a range of supplements. Some of the products are multivitamins, Herbalife shakes, Weight-loss supplements, Protein shakes, Dietary supplements, Energy drinks, Herbalife protein bites. You’re searching for a review on Herbalife. A good one. Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are only two reasons you’re considering Herbalife, you may be because you want to make some extra cash on the side and two maybe you want to actually lose weight. Just know that if you’re looking to lose weight, their products are meal replacements NOT a weight loss diet plan. In regards to business, marketing material and training are essential to your success. You will absolutely fail if you are relying on your family and friends to join your business opportunity. In regards to weight loss, these products are pretty pricey as they are meal replacements. I’ll present you with a few better options. Pay close attention to any business opportunity of this nature. I would not call it a scam unless they are trying to defraud you like the binary options or crypto trading industry. Herbalife “was” a pyramid scheme and agreed to restructure its business and pay a $200 million fine as part of a 2016 settlement with the (FTC) following accusations of it being a pyramid scheme. Even today it seems like only the top 5% of people make money in this opportunity. If you’re still considering Herbalife consider two things. First, how can I make my investment back in 30 days and two can I sell these products if a recession hits? Like most MLMs, Herbalife struggles to give distributors a solid training on marketing their new business online. (If you’re going to join Herbalife, I believe the only way you’ll succeed is by buying the Best MLM on Social Media Course, here)  I found an online marketing course geared towards moms to be extremely important in making money fast with any MLM. It is vital in any business to not depend on family and friends to primarily buy your product and services. Consider if a recession hits, would people still want your buy expensive healthproducts they can get on Amazon for half the price. If you want to join a business opportunity for the long term consider, myEcon. Before I go further, I want to lay out the points I plan to hit Why you’ll fail in Herbalife if you don’t take a digital marketing course that’s proven to work One of my Customers review on Herbalife’s most popular products Full Review on the company and my opinion.

1. Why 97% of Distributors fail in Herbalife

Skip this section if you’re just interested in the weight loss aspect of Herbalife. Alright, let’s talk about it. First and foremost, what I want to tell you is nobody gives a crap about your company right I’ve just got to be real about that.

Compared to other MLMs like Nu Skinrodan and fields, usana and Amway  – Herbalife has skyrocketed its growth.

Nobody gives a crap about your company and the reason why I know this is because I’ve been in multiple network marketing companies. I’ve been one of those people that’s jumped around from company to company failing miserably not quite making the money that I wanted to make. And after a while of doing that you soon start to realize that nobody gives a crap about the company. So, in this video what I’m going to be telling you is the stuff that people actually care about right. If you’re a Herbalife distributor people might care about the products, they might care about you know the people in the company People definitely care about the results they definitely care about your story of how you lost 50 pounds – your story of how you lost 80 pounds – your story of how you gained muscle mass and you became the bodybuilder and you went from being obese to a bodybuilder the transformation and that’s one thing they definitely care about. People also definitely care about the compensation plan – people want to make money. So, what am I trying to say is – think about it for a second, they’re literally thousands of MLM network marketing style companies out there; thousands. And to be honest with you Herbalife is not the best weight loss company out there it’s not. There are many other weight loss companies out there that sell weight-loss products that are actually pretty good. It’s just that Herbalife was one of the more common ones that you’ll hear about. But let’s think about it for a second and be honest with ourselves nobody really gives a crap about the company as there are thousands of different companies out there. So, what is it that’s separating the top percentile of companies where people are making six figures a year, the people who quit their jobs and can do their company full-time? What’s separating those people from the rest of the industry 97% of the other people who are failing; not making the money they want to make? The people who are putting all their time and their energy in the effort into their business and they’re still not making sales – they’re still not making any type of sales. Why is that? The reason is that people care about vision. What I mean is people care about the vision any opportunity or product provides. If your product or business opportunity can make someone a better version of themselves. You won’t have to sell a thing people will come to you. This is very important and that’s why I started training MLM distributors and they saw amazing results. I couldn’t train everyone that needed training with only 24 hours in a day. So I made a course. Made of concepts and the principles that I teach that can be applied to any business online. The key to selling or promoting anything is connecting with your audience with your story. For example, it would be easier to sell Herbalife if you documented your journey to losing 50lbs in 6 months. Whoever has such a goal is likely to buy the product you recommend. We teach you in the course how to sell without selling on all the top social media platforms. What you will learn will amaze you and will give you great results quickly if you apply what you learn. The game of sales never changes. You can be successful in any business as long as you learn the principle of connecting. It’s the same stuff when you go from company to company a company, oh we have a product, we have a compensation plan, meet us at the hotel you know they say all that crap but let’s just be real for a second right it’s all the same crap. The success rate of you getting a family or friend to attend is very very slime. It’s almost not worth doing. So, what’s going to set you apart and make you stand out? That’s why this course teaches you how to let your story sell. Its’s important to know because there’s a lot of people out there hyping up their company and they think that that’s how you get sales, but that’s really not how you get sales. You also got to provide the value you know you got to provide value to your organization helping them giving them insights not on just the company and the products but also on how to go about making sales you know what I’m saying. Most network marketing companies I know the ones that I’ve experienced the same stuff – do home meetings- meet up at the hotel go to the convention – meet up with strangers and Starbucks -write down you know – schedule appointments – make a plan – show the plan. All of that is great but it takes so much time and effort. To get your friend out of the house to attend something isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a Herbalife or other companies you’re in the same stuff and honestly, usually, people don’t stick around with that stuff that old-school hotel meetings home meetings people don’t want to do that. Do you know what I mean? I’m just being real with you. That stuff sucks people don’t want to do that stuff and that’s why they don’t stick around in people’s organizations because that stuff is just not sexy. But what is sexier is online marketing. Its a hundred times is like way more easier than home meetings meeting up with strangers You can build an online presence and online brand for yourself and make more money doing way less work. You will attract more people to your business because they’re going to find it to add some sort of value to their lives whether that is motivation or etc. This can take 15 minutes to four hours a day and make a lot more results make a lot more sales than home meetings This is what I experienced for myself this is not something that I’m just talking about this from personal experience. I’m telling you what’s a better sexier business model that’s going to allow you more success. If you want to follow all the old-school crap – if you want to follow all the dated crap of meeting up with friends and family and burning those bridges go-ahead One of my students finally quit his job after making $99k this year selling myecon review. Results are not typical. People that get results do two simple things. Take action and stay consistent. You literally will not lose.  Some of them do but just like any just like a teacher right a teacher doesn’t have a class where a 100% of the class is passing or doing good in the class or getting aids in the class it doesn’t necessarily mean the teacher is bad though right. So, I always tell people if you don’t apply what you’re being taught and if you’re not going to get any results right.

 I had a girl recently tell me about my training products. She told me “John you know I already knew all this stuff I didn’t learn much in your training.” I just think she was trying to just steal the information. I gave her a refund and all that but the reality is if you were truly doing everything that I was showing you in the training you would get results. It’s impossible- it is literally impossible to do what I’ve been showing in my training for a consistent period of time and not get results; it is literally impossible. You have to be trying not to get results you have to be trying not to get sales and that’s the only way you will fail following my training. So, when I got the message from the girl saying, “John this doesn’t work I’ve been doing that already. I already know this stuff.” Well, if you know that stuff then you’d be getting the results you know you’d be getting the results because it’s a formula that works. Like I said marketing is sales and sales right it’s all the same shit across all network marketing companies. How much different can it be? They have a comp plan. They have a product. They have an owner right and then they tell you all this stuff about meeting up with strangers and writing down appointments and showing the plan it’s the same shit it does not change. So, what my goal in my vision is to teach you how to stand out in your Herbalife business to teach you how to be like the 1% top earner in Herbalife. People will just want to flock to you and people will just love working with you because of the value share because of your knowledge. Some of these top earners have been in a game for 20 plus years 30 plus years in Herbalife or however long they’ve been in the company. Some of them have been in it for a very long time. So, over a long period of time, they’re going to get some results because they’ve been busting their ass for twenty years. But the way that I want to show you is how to do it in a much shorter time not where you have to bust your ass for 20 years before you start making money. I’m talking about where you can just work for the next three months. You got to go super hard for the next three months and then you start ranking up and ranking up and ranking up. Give it just 90 days. Three months to start ranking up and to start seeing profit in your business and making thousands of dollars a month hundreds of dollars a month or five figures a month is not really a bad deal when you think about it right. Let’s just be honest about it, it’s not a bad deal if you’re in a Herbalife and you’ve been trying to rank up for all this time. It’s like just figure out the sexy of business model figure out the easier way that allows you time freedom and money freedom at the same time because you’re going to be much happier, people are going to see your happiness, they’re going to see your joy, they’re going to see how you’re making money doing less work than them and they’re going to want to know hey how the hell are you doing that I want to learn those secrets too I want to learn online marketing as well. Then once you’ve developed that organization around your brand yourself people just come to you; you don’t have to chase people or go out there seeking people. People literally get to a point to where they find you, they seek you they contact and they get started because they see the value in it and they get it – it makes sense – it’s logical. It’s like okay this makes sense why am I running around town try to convince strangers that my business is The bomb when I could just be myself and check the people who want to change their lives. I mean it’s just better that way right. Then we got fear out of the equation. We can’t be fearful because if we’re fearful in business it’s like the equivalent of not having balls it’s like not taking a chance. It’s like you can’t get to the next level by being fearful. The only way you could get to the next level is by being faithful right breaking off the limitations. Whatever you’re fearful of doing in your business is probably what you should be doing in your business to reach that next level and to get to that level in income right. So, realize that nobody gives a crap about your company but it’s nothing personally that nobody gives a crap about your company. They care about the money. They care about the compensation plan. They might care about the products, but more than that they care about the transformations right. They care about lifestyle change. They care about the health change – the improvement in your health – the culture the vision the value that’s the stuff that’s going to attract people to your business. They don’t give a crap about the company’s just being real with you.

2. A year into Herbalife before I quit

Shout out to my dear friend Erica. She’s also one of my clients. She’s purchased one of my programs and she uses the PROLESSA Duo and she has gotten okay results from that and she also helped me to understand a better way of using the product too. So, I’m actually going to actually read this post that she sent me by text on how to actually use the product. So, thank you guys for helping me out. I just want to shout you guys out. Let’s get started on what I’m going to be doing. Let me give you guys some updates with the Herbalife products that I got. In the last video, I had a healthy meal this is the formula one. I have the cell activator it’s a supplement along with the multivitamin complex these are just you know supplements for health. I have the herbal tea concentrate which is for energy, a fat burner, and detoxification- I love this. I have the PROLESSA Duo which helps with hunger control and losing belly fat. Now I’m going, to be honest, I think I’ve seen a few results with using this but according to the directions. I don’t want to say incorrectly but ineffectively. So, with the directions for the PROLESSA Duo it says that you would mix it with your formula 1 shake so have it once per day with your formula one shake and put one scoop of it in with the shake and it should be fine.MThis is a small bottle or container it was like $22 for a little bit $30 or something dollars for it so yeah this is really just the seven-day I’m getting ready to get the 30 days because I want to see how it actually works for me. But I was told that I was using it in effect which is totally annoying to see the directions say one thing but from other people’s experience and how they’ve been taught to use this product by Herbalife distributors and coaches and trainers, yes, I’m upset about that. I am upset about that because it should be explained a little bit differently as far as the effectiveness when it says it on in the container, but I can’t say that I probably didn’t see a little bit of result. So, the actual way that I should be using this product for it to be effective is to take it as a shot. You take it as a shot like you would do like the apple cider vinegar cinnamon and warm water; it would be the same thing. I thought that was interesting because it does say in the directions like no water like it’s not suitable for warm water or something like that. You take it as a shot first thing in the morning when you get up. It’s like taking a fat burner in a sense but it’s in liquid form. Then they usually take it with the aloe vera juice I think that’s what it is from Herbalife so I’m going to kind of look into that. If I don’t get the 30 days, I’m going to get another 20 another seven-day container and see how that works when I do just the shot itself. So, I’m going to get another seven days and see how that works as far as the results are and I will definitely make sure you guys get updates on that as soon as possible. Yes, I needed to let you guys know I honestly do like this product. I like the results that I’ve seen other people have gotten from it. But because I have been told that I have been using it somewhat ineffectively which is total opposite of the directions Herbalife gives you I’m going to give it another try to see how the results and I’m going to do the seven-day challenge. So, if you guys are interested in the seven-day challenge with me with the PROLESSA Duo just using only this product check the link down below and we’ll do this together and see how the results come out. So, check the link down below if you want to register for it and we will do this together. So, I didn’t get a chance to kind of do an unboxing of what they give you at Herbalife like as a preferred member but yes awesome. It says “welcome” and exactly what you should be getting in this content; so, list of certain things. So, the pricing and everything and I will definitely tell you guys a little bit more after I honestly read through this stuff because I didn’t. I’m already familiar with Herbalife products as it is, but a lot of things have not necessarily changed but just kind of bypassed my knowledge. So, there is access to specific tools there are recipes you can personalize your nutrition so it has all of that stuff online. So, if you aren’t interested in signing up for yourself and seeing how this stuff works you can definitely go to but I am going to show you if not in this video how I’m going to sign myself up and look through the stuff and you guys get to see also what you know what this program and everything is. So, I get the products at a discount which that’s awesome when you purchase it yourself or you become a preferred member. This is I believe the catalog. So, Herbalife has a lot of stuff; they even have stuff for skin. One of the biggest things that I noticed was the collagen the Beauty booster I know that’s not just necessarily for the skin on your face I think your body too. When you’re losing weight sometimes, we do deal with the facility of the skin so we might think that we’re still fat or we’ve we haven’t lost any fat and sometimes it’s just loose skin and the collagen helps to tighten the skin up. So, it gives you kind of like that idea of what does that mean how does it help and it’s in a powder form which is totally awesome than taking pills. I actually like creams more than anything, but I believe they have that kind of stuff over here. So, this is just a catalog of all the different products that they have. I know they have skincare, nutrition, weight-loss enhancers and all the cool stuff that you can probably think. They even have energy and fitness things for performance for athletes. So, I think I really do think Herbalife is pretty cool.

 So, it has that in there. Then this is the little you know container of the samples that they send you despite the products that idea purchased that you kind of sees right here. But I believe these are like energy fuel like for three workouts. I think this is also kind of like a pre-workout hydration drink so think of it as BCAAs or a performance type supplement. Then I love the Herbalife herbal tea concentrate. I love the energy that I get. It’s very clean energy; I don’t feel jittery. It does have caffeine in it so as you can see, I do have the actual one and you’ve seen in the last video which I have a tablespoon or teaspoon I believe of it a day. They say to have it twice a day but I’m going to use it just maybe once and that’s just me but it’s best that you follow the directions except for following the directions on this one.

2.1 Why I Quit using Herbalife Products even after great results – Worth Reading

The reason I stopped using Herbalife or Herbalife as you would call it is because I learned how to eat better, I vegetables and that like a lot of different types of food. I wanted dinner as my main dinner instead of a shake. I would have a slice of meat so I would make a grilled chicken breast. I would have a sweet potato and then sometimes I make it on a wrap because I don’t know I just want the sandwich-type of meal where I would have an egg sandwich with turkey bacon and turkey sausage and then again I would have a protein, a carb, and fat always. Now I eat three meals a day sometimes if I want I will have a shake I will have my motivation shake just because if I don’t feel like cooking or didn’t get meal prep that week or meal prep enough I’ll go to a shake or I will just have a shake as a snack. I don’t think I need to replace a meal anymore that’s why I stopped Herbalife in 2016 and I get a lot of questions on it now it’s funny just because I haven’t used it in so long maybe. People use my pictures and on Herbalife saying that I lost on my weight off Herbalife I didn’t. Herbalife did not make me lose weight guys. Herbalife strictly replaced a meal and that’s all it will do. Any meal replacement that you choose is going to do the same thing; it’s going to replace a meal it is not going to make you lose weight. I’m telling you that because I know that. I know that Herbalife did not make me lose weight and just replace my meal and me exercising and watching my nutrition help me lose weight. I did not use any type of pill. I did not use any type of drink nothing to make me lose weight it was pure dedication, consistency and hard work and just like working out and learning how to eat better. If you don’t like vegetables and you can’t eat healthily you cannot make yourself a good nutritious meal then go have a shake get shakes. It does not have to be Herbalife it could be something completely different. I chose Herbalife because somebody recommended it to me, I loved it I’m not bashing it because it did me good all the way up until I stopped and I’m still doing good now, but I kick start my journey just because I was so picky of eating so weight loss shakes helped. It did not make me lose weight though. The things that I used from Herbalife is their protein. I used Formula One and tea. I would sometimes use to Lift Off just to give me some energy. I’m not bashing any of that stuff if you want to go and try Herbalife. Some people like it some people don’t. My opinion I liked it. It was tasty to me it’s kind of thick and I think that’s why I like it a lot but it did me good. I did lose about 100 pounds off of her blood and that’s because it helped me take on a lot of things out of my diet. Whenever I say took out a lot of things I took out every type of fast food, every type of soda, I stopped drinking my calories, I stopped using stupid little things to make my calories go up sometimes I won’t use cheese just because I know how many calories are in it. But also I don’t think I need cheese. I feel I don’t like to use things that make my food tasty if there’s a lot of calories in it if that makes sense. I really don’t see the point in using up those type of calories in something. If you like your food tasty go ahead and put some high-calorie stuff in it, but that’s just me that’s me. I just don’t do that stuff because I know I like to munch on a lot of things and those things have calories. That is my reasons to why I stopped Herbalife. Herbalife I keep messing up because I know a lot of people are going to say it’s Herbalife, not Herbalife. Anyway, that is the reason why I stopped using Herbalife and if you want to go try it you can go ahead and try it. Right now I’m not doing any meal replacement shakes I’m strictly doing real food and snacks. I have posted a video of what I eat in a day. I probably will be posting another one here soon because I’m starting to think of different meals to have throughout the week. But whenever I do meal prep I do it the same meal and I will eat it all week because if I like something I would literally eat it till I get sick of it that’s just how I am and that’s how I always have been. I hope you understand why I stopped Herbalife and I hope you understand that Herbalife did not make me lose weight.

3. Is Herbalife a scheme?

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Since then, Herbalife Nutrition USA has expanded globally, operating and marketing in many different countries, including China, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The company has many different locations listed on the Better Business Bureau website and have received ratings ranging from A+ to No Rating. Mark Hughes founded Herbalife Nutrition in 1980 with the hopes of changing how the world views nutrition and weight loss. The company began by specializing in protein shakes but now has expanded to offer a wide array of products, such as meal-replacement shakes, supplements for heart, skin and digestive health, teas, and personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and lotions. Herbalife Nutrition revolutionized the multi-level marketing business model and is available in 95 countries through independent distributors. Herbalife’s business model allows independent distributors to make a profit on specific items sold or to be compensated through the company’s network marketing structure. Herbalife Nutrition is also an MLM company, meaning that most of its business is done through “distributors” who are trying to make a profit off of products that they already purchased. This sounds a bit scary because this means some random person is trying to sell you products to make a profit – if you don’t buy, they lose money. Can you trust what they say? An MLM marketing structure uses direct non-salaried distributors or sellers who earn through the company’s compensation plan. In a standard MLM, direct sellers can make money by selling products or building their team of distributors. MLMs succeed by building personal relationships with their customer base, which attribute to word of mouth marketing. Herbalife Nutrition has improved the traditional MLM model by emphasizing the sale of products. With Herbalife Nutrition, an independent distributor is not compensating for just recruiting or sponsoring other distributors, but must be selling products as well. Distributors purchase their stock of Herbalife Nutrition products at a discounted rate and then sell their stock. At any time, a seller can cancel their distributorship and return any unopened product from their stock for a full refund.

4. Herbalife Review By Doctors and what they have to say

Since Herbalife is a multi-level marketing business, its products are only available when you connect with a Herbalife independent distributor. Also, connect with a distributor directly on the Herbalife website or via personal connections if you know a certified retailer. Distributors can use Google Maps to find one near you. You can read the full article on WebMD.

5. Is Herbalife safe and does it really help you lose weight?

The short answer is, maybe. Herbalife markets itself as “a global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier.” Multi-level marketing company Herbalife has been around since 1980, and business models that use independent distributors are always controversial. Naturally, our research team wondered if a company who cheats its distributors might also cheat on nutrition product claims? The team decided to take a close look at the Herbalife diet. They read hundreds of dieter experiences and scoured the net for scientific research for the bottom line on Herbalife products. Herbalife Reviews Side EffectsWhile there’s no mention of side effects from Herbalife products, there’s a chance some may notice side effects from ingredients in the products. Make sure to consult with your medical doctor before starting the use of any of these products. Their protein shake is somewhat safe for most adults when taken by mouth correctly. High doses can cause some side effects like increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, tiredness(fatigue), and headache. A slew of other side effects.

Herbalife Products For Weight Loss Reviews

Since there is not a lot of peer-reviewed research on the benefits of the Herbalife diet or the full weight loss program, it is difficult to say. However, based on anecdotal evidence, Herbalife works.

Is Herbalife good or bad?

I personally wouldn’t think Herbalife has any harmful ingredients in it, at least not for a healthy consumer. It’s just based on not the best science. To be honest, Herbalife shakes may be a viable option for a snack, but that’s pretty much it. I strongly wouldn’t recommend it as a meal replacement. And whole foods beat them nutritionally, hands-down. Sadly, I had a difficult time finding research showing the benefits of Herbalife diet items. Many recent clinical trials have actually linked Herbalife Nutrition with adverse effects. Any research the company claims to have behind it seems like outdated science. But here are some possible benefits, as stated on their website, associated with the four Herbalife products:

  • Protein promotes weight loss and weight management
  • Protein shakes form a complete, nutritious meal with 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Fiber aids in digestion and weight loss
  • Products contain zero cholesterol and zero trans fats

Weight management involves exercise, proper diet and the right supplement matching your fitness goals. Research is growing and there are now ingredients with the support that may be the kick you need to get your weight loss rolling. We’re all about exercise for a healthy, long life, but there’s more to weight loss than burning calories. There’s a place for supplements in some people’s daily regimes, and supplement efficacy is growing. Among the best supplements, we’ve seen this year is called Burn TS. The formula is made up of four ingredients, and research shows the ingredients may support metabolism, improve hunger control, and promote increased weight loss. The makers didn’t just pick the ingredients out of a hat – hundreds were reviewed, and only the best of the best made the cut.

How much does it cost to get started with Herbalife?

Herbalife claims it only costs $59 to get started with the company, the distributors I have spoken to said they always start out asking for far more than that on the high end $4,000 so the newly minted distributor can begin at the supervisor level which confers a bigger discount on the wholesale cost of Herbalife’s overpriced products. In Herbalife’s pyramid scheme, distributors building their downline are incentivized with bigger commissions to lure new recruits to come in at the highest level possible. Yet to stay at the supervisor level the new distributor must continue to purchase $2,500 worth of product every month. The vast majority are not able to sell much at all and most are never able to recoup what they spent to get into the business and maintain their level. Eventually, they realize that it is pointless to keep throwing good money after bad and 90 percent quit within a year. According to the distributors and former distributors that I have spoken to, most loose between $1,000 and $10,000 with the average distributor losing $3,000. Some have lost much more and these figures do not count the hours they spend trying to sell the product and recruit new distributors and the expenses they incur beyond purchasing Herbalife’s product. While it’s true that starting your own business is fraught with risk and many if not most small businesses fail, the difference with Herbalife is that the losses suffered by their failed distributors fuel the company’s profits because the losses are incurred by company incentives and policies that force their distributors to purchase more product than they can sell. Ninety-nine percent of Herbalife’s distributors will lose money in the scheme. Unfortunately, the few “successful” distributors are those that have learned how to become recruiting machines — deceiving their friends, family members, co-workers, and just about anyone who will listen to them into paying money to join a “business opportunity” that is destined to become a financial loss for the vast majority. Herbalife, for its part, refuses to report how much of its product is sold at retail to non-distributors and how much revenue they generate from signing up new distributors. They refuse to disclose the average net profit or loss of Herbalife distributors. They even have the gall to reclassify 73 percent of their distributors that were lured into the business with get-rich pitches into retail consumers saying that these distributors “primarily join us to receive a wholesale price on products they and their families enjoy.” The size of this scheme is insane. There are 550,000 Herbalife distributors in the United States. Somewhere between 60 to 83 percent of them are Latino. 300,000 to 400,000 Latino distributors will quit this year alone only to be replaced by another 300,000 to 400,000 new Latino distributors. If left unchecked, Herbalife could recruit, defraud and dispose of as many as 4 million Latino distributors over the next 10 years.

Should You Join?

In my humble opinion, NO, unless you love nutrition and have over $2000 to spend monthly. If you’re looking for a lower costing opportunity consider myEcon. With all the lawsuits, I would recommend staying away from this company, go check out the documentary on youtube. It is truly sad.


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