Arbonne Reviews: Before You Buy Their Cosmetics You Must Read This Review

arbonne reviews

Arbonne Reviews: Is It a Scam?

What I’m about to say next might hurt some people’s feelings that are already in multi-level marketing

There is a full review of Monat below BUT before we get into that I would like to give you some valuable information that will help you decide if this is for you or not.

I’m not here to bash this business or any MLM business.

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I’ve been in 6 different MLMs yet I did all they told me to, fill a house with 50 people all my team yet I didn’t see a penny.

The scamming needs to stop. It’s not fair that people can sell a dream so well, to get you to spend tons of money on a business they know you have 99% chance of failing and only 1% change to break even or make a profit.

They should sell the dream AFTER qualifying each individual.

You found this blog post because you probably heard about this business from a friend or family member that’s pushing you to join in the hopes to grow their team.

I don’t want to waste your time here, so lets get into

arbonne reviews

Statistics state in Multi level marketing

  • 99% of people loose money and never see a profit
  • 95% of people quit WITHIN 10 years
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We are going to be talking all about Arbonne.

I’m gonna pin a comment down below and put timestamps because I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about and I’m sure some of you don’t want to listen to this whole entire video.

So let’s just go ahead and get into it so I’m just gonna give a quick background on what is Arbonne.

So basically their company focuses on like clean pure products.

They saw kind of a wide variety of stuff a makeup skincare healthcare I would say their health products are probably what you know gets them known because they do this whole 30 days to healthy living program where people basically they buy like a bunch of meals and then they learn to eat healthy.

They’re vegan, they’re gluten-free whatever like they’re supposed to be really healthy for you.

So the 30 days to healthy living thing is what I see people talk about the most with them and no surprise these people are trying to push this the most because it is not cheap.

It retails for 444 dollars which is insanely expensive but, you can get a discount because they have this preferred client program where basically you pay a $40 fee and you get a 40% discount of products.

So you could pay 444 dollars or you could pay a one-time fee of 40 bucks and then you only have to pay two hundred sixty six dollars.

That right there just seems super scammy to me like Oh like you can pay full price but if you just pay me this fee one time it’s magically 40 percent off.

I mean come on you guys that right there is just proving the point that these products are not worth anywhere near the price you’re paying for them.

So that right there just seems a little scamming to me.

So the reason I even decided to pick Arbonne for this video was because I was on the Instagram explorer page just kind of like perusing whatever.

And I came across a girl’s Instagram feed and she’s like one of the top earners in Arbonne and I fell into this rabbit hole of just looking at her accountant her whole down line.

And everybody on our team and I have been keeping track or I’ve just been like observing these girls accounts for about a month now.

So there’s been just a team of girls who I have been just watching their stories their lives.

I’ve been looking at their posts I have a lot of stuff to show you guys that I have found by looking at their Instagram.

Like I have so much stuff I want to talk about, but I do want to quick just discuss like some observations I made so what I noticed about these girls instagrams is that if they look like they have this perfect life.

These girls are all gorgeous you know they have perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes they have Louis Viton and Gucci and they go shopping for diamonds together when you hit a certain rank.

You know they’re working poolside they’re working their business by the pool so they can work whenever they want, wherever they want.

They all have this white Mercedes that’s paid for by Arbonne what shocker it’s not really but we’ll get into that later.

But they all just look so flawless and just super glamorous so I can understand like who I mean who looks at that now who wouldn’t be enticed by that.

Even I look at these instagrams I’m like I like that looks like such a nice life.

Please remember that everything is not as it seems Instagram is not real life just because these girls may look like they have a perfect Instagram that doesn’t mean that their life is perfect.

So a couple other things I noticed is that in addition to having like a perfect life their feeds look identical.

Like they literally use the same exact filter all of them do I swear to god it’s like they’re told to use this specific filter or something it’s really weird.

Like you can’t tell me that they’re all just happened to use the same filter it’s really bizarre.

In addition to the same filters I also like post the same things.

They’ll say the same stuff they kind of just reword it a little bit.

I mean just go on Instagram and look at the hashtag Arbonne and look through the posting you’ll see that they all kind of recycle the same stuff over and over and over again.

It’s not really an original thought a lot of them say if this isn’t your office we need to talk you know I’m working my business from wherever today.

They also use this hashtag watch me or join me like all the time.

I mean look up the hashtag watch me or join me.

This is a major hashtag that these Arbonne girls use and the way they say it almost comes off as like kind of condescending like how dare you doubt this business.

I’m proof that it works so are you just going to watch me succeed or are you going to join me.

Like it’s really kind of sending the way that they sneak it in there.

They also really encourage being impulsive a lot these girls are like it’s okay to have doubts but just I guess like I’m proof that it works just say yes I did.

I said yes and guess what I am driving this Mercedes and I’m working my business from the pool like just say yes that’s what I did.

And it’s really just I don’t know it just rubs me the wrong way like it’s okay for people to have doubts right.

Like but they basically are telling you to like push that aside and just say yes and just do it just do it like it’s going to work just do it.

Another thing I noticed is a lot of these girls like brag about working while they’re on vacation.

They’re like well I can take a vacation whenever because I can work my business whenever.

Well guess what I can take a vacation whenever I want to too but I also don’t have to think about work while I’m on vacation and I’m still getting paid full time.

So like what I don’t understand the appeal with that because with a normal job.

I mean with like a nine-to-five job you get the benefits where you can go on vacation and you still get paid and you don’t have to do any work.

So I don’t get how that’s appealing you know whatever to each their own.

So I have some videos that I wanted to show you but I’m actually not gonna show you the video.

I’m going to only play the audio because I don’t want to show these women’s faces just because I’m not trying to encourage people to like track them down and attack them.

I have a couple like audio clips I’m going to play for you guys some of these are team calls that I found on YouTube just go on YouTube and search Arbonne team call and there’s so many and you guys like some of this stuff is ridiculous.

I have to play for you guys.

I also have a video of this girl making like a medical claim and it’s just really messed up so let’s go ahead and get into that.

The first video that I have is from a girl who was like one of, she’s in the top 1% she’s one of the top honors in this company she was on all their super fancy trips and she was making a video and she made some kind of medical claims but you’ll see what I mean.

So I just want to play this audio for you guys so you can understand what I’m talking about here.

“I helped people through this 30-day program who had struggled with infertility themselves and I can’t make any medical claims.

But I have a lot of people do this program with their significant other and then end up pregnant.

And I’m not saying that this is a get pregnant quick program but I am saying that there are people who did this program, got healthy and announce a pregnancy later.

So, she first says I can’t make any medical claims but then she goes on to make a comment saying well you know I know a bunch of women who struggled with infertility and then they did this 30 days to healthy living and then BOOM they’re pregnant.

So I feel like she’s kind of saying like well I can’t make a clean but you know this happened so you do the math.

That just really kind of pissed me off because I mean obviously any woman who struggles with infertility that’s a very sensitive time they’re going to be very vulnerable.

And women who are like desperate will do anything right they’re like oh my god I’ll try anything to get pregnant.

So if they hear that they’re probably going to be like well maybe I’ll try it this 30 days to healthy living thing like maybe that will help.

The thing that pisses me off is she doesn’t know that that was the reason they got pregnant maybe it just happened right or maybe they were doing some kind of other treatment or maybe there was something else they were doing that caused them to get pregnant but there’s no guarantee that it was Arbonne right.

Like there’s no proof that that was the root cause of these women getting pregnant.

So that really, really rubbed me the wrong way I just if you can’t make the claim and prove that it was Arbonne that don’t say anything at all in my opinion.

I have another video from those girls is from one of her teen calls and she was talking about addressing the fact that a lot of people say I don’t have the money to join.

And this was her response to get people to sign up even though they say they may not have the money.

I was like I could not believe this girl said this it’s so disgusting.

“so I don’t just straight up say okay it’s three hundred and something dollars to do this program and it comes with this and this I don’t.

You guys it’s changed my life this program is a game-changer it’s not only healthy from the inside out it’s taught me habit I get to 16 my meals for the month 60 of my drinks.

So I am building up this product to them and explaining them how much it’s gonna change their life because then they go oh my gosh it’s worth it people have money for what’s worth it to them.

Just like people have time for what’s important to them and so if you can create value for somebody you can get somebody to spend as much money as you need to spend.

And I’m not being insensitive here when I say this I’m just honestly from the experience being truthful like everyone asks 300 dollars they really do I do it everybody has 300 dollars real on a credit card to charge it right then and there.

And so I think it’s important for us to understand that and to have that concrete because it is a mindset”.

I just I can’t believe this girl she goes well I’m not being insensitive but everybody has 300 dollars what, like how do you know people’s financial situations sometimes 300 dollars is everything to somebody sometimes that’s all they have and you’re encouraging them to spend it right like everyone has 300 dollars and if they don’t we’ll just put it on the credit card they’ve got 300 dollars on a credit card.

Please for the love of God do not charge your credit card trying to get into Arbonne. Do not rack up debt just to get into Arbonne that is ridiculous you guys ridiculous I cannot believe that girl said that I was seriously like I was disgusted by that.

Like I can’t believe this girl just comes off as super manipulative to me.

The next video is from a team call and it’s a really short clip but I just I couldn’t believe like the things these people say it literally sounds like they’re trying to brainwash people.

So this is a really quick short clip but I just thought it was really wild that this girl even said this.

“Call it fake it, till you make it, that’s what you don’t have to, you don’t want to fake it obviously but you don’t have to, you don’t want to fake it obviously but you don’t have to like understand how it could work.

You don’t have to understand you know why it would work but you do have to just act as if it is going to work”.

Does that not sound like she’s brainwashing these poor girls I mean seriously.

She said you don’t need to understand why it works or how it works you just have to I believe that work just believe it works and you know that’ll work you’ll get to that next step.

You just got to believe I mean that is insane you guys please educate yourself on how this works please like do not just believe it’s magically going to work.

Please look into this and see if it’s actually going to work okay so I have one more little clip to show you guys and it’s basically this girl talking about how she’s this Instagram to find like new recruits.

And she’s I’m not going to show the whole thing because it goes on for a while but basically she says she goes on Instagram and if she’s going to travel somewhere she will go you know that places and type in like Brooklyn New York.

And then look through the photos of girls that she thinks that would be like potential good girls on her team and message them.

So this is the clip that I want to show you guys.

“I’ll look at their Instagram if they look like people that I would drive with or people that I would like to do business with I’ll reach out to them.

A sample text that I would send to them is hey gorgeous I noticed you lived in Brooklyn or where it is I’m traveling I’m actually heading there for work in just a couple of weeks and just had to reach out.

You’re super cute and it’s look like you know all the good spots to where I’m’ heading.

I’m hoping to connect with some people while I’m there I would love to take you to coffee are you free next week or whenever you’re going.

So notice how I didn’t say anything about Arbonne at all”.

Okay I think what she’s doing is really weird but besides the fact of that.

I think it’s kind of messed up to tell somebody like hey you seem really cool when I get coffee and then you know they go they’re thinking they’re going to make a new friend but really you’re just luring them there with the pretense of just talking about Arbonne and pitching your Arbonne business and that just really that’s not cool.

I mean you’re like lying to these people right you’re telling them that you just want to be friends and like whatever be showing around but really you’re bringing them there to talk about Arbonne.

So that’s not cool I mean I would not recommend doing that people do not like to get you know just kind of what’s the word I’m looking for blindsided by a MLM pitch.

Like that’s going to piss people off so I would I feel like that’s a terrible tactic but I mean whatever works right.

Okay we’ve only gone through two pages of my and I still have about five more so holy crap this video is going to be long.

So now we’re going to get into all the lies that are told by consultants because there are just so many lies that these women tell.

So the first thing I want to talk about is this supposed free Mercedes.

Now this is obviously if something sounds too good be true you guys it probably is it is not a free car.

So basically once you hit the status of becoming a regional vice president you are entitled to get a cash bonus from Arbonne towards the lease or purchase of a Mercedes.

So here’s the thing you have to lease this car from Mercedes through your name and basically the way that it works is you have to get a white Mercedes it has to be white doesn’t matter what kind of Mercedes but it has to be white.

And they also forced you to put in Arbonne emblem on your car it’s like that silver thing that just says Arbonne.

You are forced to put that on your cart otherwise they won’t give you your payment you also have to throw a Benz bash which is like a huge party where you show everyone like hey guys look what I did in this business I want a free car through Arbonne they pay for my car blah, blah your upline comes and they literally hand you the keys to this Mercedes-benz that you already leased and probably drove there yourself.

So I don’t know why the hell they’re acting like they’re giving you this car because that’s not the case at all.

You also have to pay to go to this event if you want to go it’s not just like a free event no you got to pay to go which I think is ridiculous.

These people will milk money out of anybody any way that they can it’s so ridiculous.

So long story short the car is not free, it’s a lease in your name and if you lose your status you lose the bonus.

So you better hope that you don’t lose your team otherwise you’re pretty much screwed.

Next thing I want to talk about is this supposed uncapped earning potential and how it’s up to you to decide what you make.

It’s up to you to decide how much work you want to put in and decide how far you want to get in this company.

Okay so there’s four levels to Arbonne right I’m going to kind of go out of order here there’s four levels to Arbonne or actually there’s five you’re an independent consultant and then you are a district manager area manager an RVP and an MVP so if you once you get to the RVP which is regional vice president.

You get that white Mercedes and that’s like the level everyone wants to get to because I want that Mercedes and you know they want to get to that level.

It is physically impossible physically impossible for everyone who joins his company to become a regional vice president or a national vice president which are the two top levels because there’s literally not enough people in the world.

You have to have a huge team of people below you this market is already over saturated.

There’s not enough people I mean think about it right they’ll tell you like okay you just need to get six people like how hard is it to get six people to join your team.

Okay so if you get six people right and then you tell all those six people to also get six people and they keep that going you can only do that 13 times before you have hit the world’s population.

You guys need to understand that it’s just not possible for everyone to be super successful in this business and that’s why only three percent of people who join this business are in those top two levels and 66% of people remain at that very first level because it’s just it’s not possible.

And it’s also I do want to say like it’s not your fault.

This is how the system is designed right so the people at the top they want to keep growing their team because the more people they have below them the better they do they’re going to you know continue to grow and move up and make more money.

So they will say anything to get you to believe that you can get to that level like they want you to believe that you can achieve that status so that you keep recruiting you keep growing your team witches and return growing their team.

So basically you’re doing all the work while they just get all the benefits for it.

If you’re someone in this business who you know it’s kind of at the bottom and you’re struggling please understand that it’s not your fault it’s how the system is designed like if it wasn’t that way right.

Because they always say well it depends on like how much you want to work and people who don’t succeed they aren’t working their business right.

And if that’s the case okay how come the percentage of people in those top earning ranks has not increased.

There’s so few people at the top and then has not increased over the years while the, you know bottom rank of people as independent consultants just stays the same that’s where everyone stays they stay there because it’s impossible.

It’s impossible to move up another thing I want to talk about is this whole false sense of sisterhood and best friends and they are really a big on just preaching empowerment and empowering women and everyone is just best friends.

All they do is you know pump each other up to sell more this is the thing you guys is like they empower you because they literally just want to make money off of you.

Of course they’re going to say you have what it takes because they want you to believe that you can achieve these levels that just really are not truly obtainable.

So they want you to think that you can do it and that you can become a regional vice president you can get that Mercedes so you continue to recruit and make more money for them.

Another thing I want to discuss is how they will always say it’s only 50 dollars to join like when you have to lose and it’s really not only 50 dollars because they will tell you.

If you really want to succeed in this business you need to make this a lifestyle you need to try all the products you need to be using the products constantly.

So basically you need to be living Arbonne 24/7 so instead of just spending 50 dollars you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars because you got to get that 30 days to healthy living.

You got to try the fit stick so you got to try that make up the skin care you got to try everything because how can you really sell it and sell the dream if you don’t use the products yourselves.

I mean it’s not just 50 dollars you guys it’s going to end up costing a lot more than that.

The next thing I want to talk about is kind of these deceiving labels they put on independent consultants and I think I briefly touched on this already but basically the top two levels are regional vice president and national vice president.

And I need you guys to understand there are no regions in Arbonne there’s not like a Midwestern region the south west region you know there’s no regions the region is your team.

And you’re not a vice president of anything you’re not a vice president of Arbonne it’s simply just a label that describes the amount of product you’ve sold.

So it’s really it like deceiving people think that these people here are like actual buy presidents or like national vice presidents of Arbonne and that’s not the case at all.

I also want to talk about their income disclosures so I found a website that like broke down the numbers really, really well.

So in 2018 there was a 174,200 consultants so out of all those people only seventeen percent of people actually earned any earnings.

So these were the active consultants so 83 percent of people didn’t even make money and 90 percent of all active consultants made less than 4000 dollars a year.

Also this chart doesn’t talk about the expenses it’s this is not like what these women are taking home this is not their income.

This does not include expenses that they have to you know they have to buy more product or do whatever like it doesn’t talk about that at all.

So, these charts are super deceiving and they will make it look a lot better than it is I mean this already looks pretty bad like 66 percent of people made an average of eight hundred dollars a year.

They will skew their numbers to look a lot better than they really are.

So read the fine print like really make sure you know what you’re looking at when you look at these charts.

Alright guys that’s all I have for you in today’s video please let me know if you like this by giving it a thumbs up comment down below which MLM.

You want me to create a video on next I hope you guys enjoyed thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys on my next video bye.