Ambit Energy Review

ambit energy review

Here’s my honest Ambit Energy Review 2019

Ambit Energy is a well known MLM business. If you are inquiring in making money with an MLM business, you’d want to see if it’s legit or not.

You should do your own research which could prevent you from making a humiliating and monetary mistake. Your money and time are too crucial.ambit energy review

The upcoming review should feasibly answer some of your questions about Ambit Energy, aiding in your decision.

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What is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is an MLM company which supplies natural gas and electricity. Fuel companies, such as AMbit Energy, are able to come out of nowhere since the US lawmakers deregulated the fuel industry.

So how does the business model work? Here’s an examination…

Ambit Energy enters consumers into a contract for 1-2 years for utilities. After these contracts lapse, rates change unless the contract is renewed again. Rates can spike pretty high if contracts aren’t renewed well timed.

Rate spikes have been controversial in the past which will be talked about later on.

The founders of Ambit Energy, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless, have made this company turn into a multi-billion dollar revenue from an upcoming MLM business in a decade.

That is great indication if you’re considering to get involved with this company.

This product is not for everyone because you can only sell AMbit Energy services in 17 states in the US.


This company has helped many large and small businesses cut down on their energy expenses for awhile now. We have business experts that assist you with the process and contributes exceptional benefits and competitive prices.

You can sign up online or through an independent consultant of your choice. The switch to our company is free. Choose a plan that is within your budget and business needs.

Advantages of Joining Ambit

  1. Travel Rewards

Earn travel rewards by referring customers to our services or turn your reward points into trips.

  1. Earn free energy

Earn this reward by referring 15 customers who registers with Ambit Energy as their energy supplier.

Going Solar

Solar Savings is an additional option for eco-friendly customers. Ambit hired Sunrun, a leading solar provider for businesses. These services are only obtainable in 6 of the 17 states in the US. Solar energy is a really good selling point but since it is only available in 6 states, it will be a lot on your wallet.

Benefits of Going Solar with Sunrun

  1. You electric bill will have 20% off. This does not convey into proceeds from the MLM, but it can make the earnings you do earn advance more.
  2. Pay little to no beforehand costs for a custom solar system designed for your business, home, and energy needs. If you are a quality recruiter this is a good thing for your wallet
  3. Sunrun’s service- they are willing to take care of other aspects involved. For example permits and paperwork which is good because time is money.
  4. Protection for utility price hikes (there is still fine print and actions taken when customers do not pay their renewal fees in a timely manner).
  5. Solar is good for the environment. People would go solar if they knew how easy it is. If you could sell them on this point, you’d win the recruitment game.

Ambit Home Services


Ambit offers two forms of coverage, The Ambit AC/Heat Shield, for energy saving and the Ambit Surge Protection, for lightning or power protections.

What I Like About Ambit Energy

  1. This is an MLM business opportunity with little startup fee. There will never be a renewal fee either.
  2. Renewable and green energy has many advantages. Not just for cost savings but for the upcoming future.
  3. This company has been a Fortune 500 business since 2010.
  4. Everyone needs energy so there are many potential customers.
  5. This company is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

What I Don’t Like About Ambit Energy

  1. The compensation plan is not as good. There is little amount of info on compensation plan figures. There’s only a video mentioning this topic on their website.
  2. Residual payments are little and inessential, which is not good if you are trying to make big cash.
  3. Independent consultant wages aren’t available asap.
  4. Very little training from Ambit
  5. Ambit Energy services are only available in 17 regions in the US


  • Low startup cost
  • Website for the company
  • Power Payback Program
  • No fee to switch
  • Bonuses and Commissions

Low Startup Costs

People who are interested in this business opportunity can join in as a marketing consultant for a fee, one time, of $75. $24.95 a month can get you website access which is less than what it used to cost before. You’ll also receive a business builder kit, consultant support group access, access to the company’s back office management tool, and a personal website. Consultants are encouraged to sponsor two marketing consultants and develop an initial team of six consultants and NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE.

Commissions and Bonuses

Ambit Energy gives a compensation plan that provides multiple ways for consultants to earn a salary. Consultants have the opportunity to get leadership bonuses, jump start bonuses, and team builder bonuses.




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